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News: Police Raid Spirit Nightclub Again

It doesn't look like the NYPD has spirit when it comes to leaving some New York hot spots thumpin'.  Spirit nightclub was raided and closed by cops on Friday night for the second time this year.  The club plays host to a slew of hot parties from hip hop and house nights to John Blair and Alan Picus' Sunday night Chelsea boy mecca.  

The police order to shut the doors came as a result of the latest initiative that began shortly after  18-year-old Jennifer Moore was raped and murdered on July 25 following a night of drinking at Guest House, on the same block as Spirit.

Since then, cops have buckled down across the city and said they have caught three underage drinkers inside Spirit, witnessed others smoking pot, as well as various drug sales.

Only about 50 people were partying inside Spirit when cops raided it at 10:30 on Friday night.  The rest of the anxious party goers were left waiting outside.

A lawyer for the club says they aren't sure when it might reopen, but he says the shut-down doesn't seem to be permanent. "I am extremely confident that once all the facts are presented to the judge, we will be immediately reopened," said lawyer Albert Santoro.

Meanwhile, promoters shuffle to find a temporary home for their weekly parties.  Alan Picus and John Blair seem to be getting the best of both worlds.  Picus tells gaysocialites.blog that the promoters were somewhat worried about not being to accomodate the large crowd expected for tonight's pool party; so they'll be hosting the mega event just a few blocks down at a much bigger venue, the Roxy. 


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