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Gay News Anchor Looses His Spot on CNN

CNN Headline news anchor THOMAS ROBERTS came out to the world last weekend at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association conference in Florida.  While the news didn't really come as a shock to his co-workers who mostly knew about his sexual orientation, some say it may have cost him his anchor job at CNN.

Roberts first came out to his co-workers while reporting at a TV station in Norfolk, VA because he says the timing was perfect.  "I was happy, I was in a relationship, and I was very proud. I had the support of family, and of my friends. He said, "It was … about not wasting any more time. I'd wasted enough time.”  Roberts and his partner are still together and will celebrate their anniversary on Sept. 30th.

So did coming out publicly last weekend cost Roberts his job?  He said it did not.  He says the fact that his timeslot was cancelled on CNN Headline news was purely coincidental.

“No one advised me against doing it. I have no regrets, but I have some concerns about some of the reporting, certain correlations that are being drawn,” he added.

There are very few other "out" journalists, but there are many of them across the nation from local newspaper writers to network news reporters.

The announcement came Tuesday that for budgetary reasons they will cancel the 4–6 p.m. newscast co-anchored by Roberts. He and his co-anchor, KATHLEEN KENNEDY, are evidently being reassigned.


It really is a shame that we run the risk of being fired if we come out.






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