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Gossip Party: Nightclub Edition - Spirit's Closure Moves Party back to Avalon

If you've fallen in love with Sundays at Spirit, we've got some bad news for you!  It's closed for good.  Every cloud has a silver lining though, John Blair and Alan Picus are taking their Sunday night soiree back to Avalon.

They'll be taking this weekend off, and the new party starts one week from Sunday. 

John Blair is no stranger to the former Limelight space.  Back in 2001 we partied under the lights at Limelight to his Sunday night sea of Chelsea boys properly labeled, Drama.  Then Blair moved his Drama party to Centro-Fly and announced "major renovations" for Limelight.  In 2002, while remodeling the space; Blair and his colleages came under fire for working with nightclub villan, Marvisi.  Marvisi is most popular for being Peter Gaiten's competition in the club kid days, and he isn't too well liked or respected in the nightclub community.  However, before his fall his empire was nice... we could go on about him, but we'll save it for a different time. 

Regardless Blair reopened Limelight as Estate turned Avalon as the "Managing Partner," often accused of being nothing more than Marvisi's figure-head.  Blair publicly distanced himself from Marvisi saying the two weren't partners insisting Marvisi was simply the Promotional Director, there to boost straight party attendance. 

In 2005, Blair announced he was leaving Avalon and moving to his one time competitor, Spirit.  Police closed Spirit on Friday, August 25th for alcohol and drug violations. It will interesting to see how Mr. Blair will fit back into the Avalon picture, but you can guarantee its going to be exciting!

This could just be the boost that New York's gay nightlife scene has needed.



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