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Gossip Party: Stonewall Not Closing, but Cleaning-up!

Reports and rumors have been flying about the New York Gay Community that the legendary Stonewall nightclub in the West Village is closing.  Wednesday we got word from Drew, the Thursday night promoter, that his "Detention" party had been ousted by the new lease holders.  Drew also says he was told that the club will closing.  Today we've discovered that the lease has changed hands, but the club will not close.

So why are Drew and other promoters being told to find a new home for their parties?  The truth is that Stonewall has been on a consistent down-hill slope for the past few years.  In the late 80's, Dominick Desimone, re-opened Stonewall promising to restore the club to its original heritage as the birth place of "coming out."  The club was the home base of the Stonewall Riots when gays took the streets loud and proud for the first time after being raided by police in 1969. 

Desimone, a straight man, had a very unorthodox management style and wasn't the best at maintaining relationships with promoters and bartending staff.  The venue quickly became a home for urban parties as well as the 18 and over college crowd.

Duvell management says the new lessee faces a major challenge right from the start. The establishment is not well respected by its neighbors due to its late night noise levels and the clientèle it attracts. 

While we don't yet know the names of the new lessees, I wonder what they will do with the home of the gay liberation movement.   I don't necessarily agree that they should can the current promoters, I think its always great to see a resurgence in any venue or scene.  I wish the promoters best of luck, and I hope the new owners are up for a challenge!


Great article-would like to publish in my free newsletter for seniors but was wondering if the information applies to Washington residents as well?

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