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The Gossip Party: Avalon seized and closed... but the party will go on!

Avalon was seized and closed on Wed. Sept. 13th for non-payment of taxes and now belongs to the state of New York.  This comes less than one week after JOHN BLAIR, BETO SUTTER and ALAN PICUS moved their packed Sunday night party back to the historical venue.  The pictures pretty much say it all....

UPDATE:  I spoke with Alan Picus today, and he tells me that the venue has paid its bills so the party goes on this Sunday!!


Daymn! Back luck for Jblair lately huh?

could you just fucking die? who the fuck cares about some lame gay sunday party. GROW UP!

you are the fox news of gayville. packed sunday nights, LOL, you have to be attending an entirely different party.

that's hot.

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