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Justin Timberlake and a gay porn star -- what?!

CAMERON DIAZ and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE are shopping for a new home in New York. Finding an apartment in Manhattan can be hard, even for the biggest names.

I heard Cameron and Justin have hired porn star TAG ERIKSSON to help them out. Tag, whose real name is FREDRIK EKLUND, evidently moonlights as a real estate agent for the Core Group Marketing.

'Tag Erkisson' has appeared in a host of X-rated movies, including 'Training Camp I' and 'Training Camp II', 'American Porn Star' and 'The Hole' - which earned him an award for Best Solo Scene.

Good luck to this odd treo... may you find the apartment of your gay porn dreams!


ewww and he is ugly.

Keep up the good work. Your article is really great and I truly enjoyed reading it.Waiting for some more great articles like this from you in the coming days.

This website is amazing I'm going to put this in the bookmarks before I lose the link I don't think I'll ever find my way back here again otherwise

I was wondering what is up with that weird avatar??? I know 5am is early and I'm not looking my best at that hour, but I hope I don't look like this! I might however make that face if I'm asked to do 100 pushups. lol

if every editor wrote like you believe me the world would be a better place! this was an excellent read expecting more!

Avatar was a great movie, I just watched it a few day ago. I don't usually go to the theather because I get nervious around a lot people but I think I'll give this one a shot because people are saying that it's even better on the big screen, I think it might be in 3D. You can watch it at my new website.

I like http://www.pornhub4u.blog way better. They are new and have more amateur video.

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