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Justin Timberlake and a gay porn star -- what?!

CAMERON DIAZ and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE are shopping for a new home in New York. Finding an apartment in Manhattan can be hard, even for the biggest names.

I heard Cameron and Justin have hired porn star TAG ERIKSSON to help them out. Tag, whose real name is FREDRIK EKLUND, evidently moonlights as a real estate agent for the Core Group Marketing.

'Tag Erkisson' has appeared in a host of X-rated movies, including 'Training Camp I' and 'Training Camp II', 'American Porn Star' and 'The Hole' - which earned him an award for Best Solo Scene.

Good luck to this odd treo... may you find the apartment of your gay porn dreams!


ewww and he is ugly.

I adore Arab boys. They are sooo sexy! X

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