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Another Weekend Without John Blair?

OMG!  Another weekend in New York City without a John Blair party?  What's a fag to do?!

According to his website, "As of today, Roxy has a 50/50 chance of reopening next Saturday, 11/18/06, with DJ PETER RAUHOFER. We expect to know for sure by Monday or Tuesday this coming week. We'll be posting news as we receive them here on the website. We're also looking at other locations where we could move the party to in case Roxy does not come through."

I love it how John Blair always just lays it all out on the table.  You gotta respect the man's straight-forwardness.  I never even have to call him for a statement.  His website also says there will be no Sunday party this week either.  This will be the second week for this hiatus as well since Happy Valley lost their lease. 

So, what's a fag to do in New York City without John Blair?  Don't jump faggot... here are my ideas...

1.  Come see me at Heaven on Saturday.  I know for some you this would be a total blast from the bast, but what a better time to do it. 

2.  Detox.  No drugs, no smokes, all natural, raw veggie and fruits only.  You gotta cleanse all those party drugs out eventually.

3.  On Saturday, watch Saturday Night Live.  When was the last time you watched a whole episode of SNL?  The host this week is Alec Baldwin, maybe he'll talk about his brother stealing that car and pulling a "George Michael" as Anthony Lago would say.

4.  Pig out.  Snuggle up with Seamlessweb or Delivery.blog and eat like you know you want it to.  It feels great, trust me... I do it at least twice per week.

5.  As strange as it might sound, if you've never watched Girls Next Door (the show about Playboy Heffner and his three girlfriends) then you MUST give it a try this Sunday at 10 on E!  You'll fall in love with these girls.  They're fabulous.  And let me know if you think one is a dyke... Anthony and I have money riding on it.

6.  Sleep.  Its my favorite thing to do.

Make the most of your John Blair-less weekend.  Do something you wouldn't normally do.  Step outside the box.  Have a great weekend!


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