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Bringing Holy Back! The Virgin Mary Sings Again

NEW YORK, NY – After a controversial Off-Broadway run of “Mary, Like a Virgin”, downtown drag performer Mimi Imfurst has teamed up with composer Mike Pettry to create follow-upshow: “A Very Mary Christmas” just in time for the holidays. This newest production is the latest in Mimi Imfurst’s Virgin Mary cabaret chronicles.

According to production notes “over 2000 years ago in the little hillside town of Bethlehem a miraculous birth occurred. Consumed by religious doctrine and fable the story of Jesus' birth is surrounded by a cloud of mystery. Finally Jesus' Mother, Mary, is prepared to set the record straight. From the moment of conception to Jesus' emergence as religious figurehead- Mary was there.

A Very Mary Christmas is a musical retelling of the months leading up to the birth of Christ, as told by the Virgin Mary. With the help of her sidekick & accompanist Earl Weissman, Mary also shares the intimate details of her relationship with her boyfriend God, her love for her husband Joey, her feelings about Christmas and her journey to stardom. This new Christmas show is a follow up to drag artist writer/ performer Mimi Imfurst's controversial Mary, Like a Virgin.”

A Very Mary Christmas features 14 musical numbers that span pop, rock, musical theatre, country, and inspirational music. See the newest installment in Mimi Imfurst's Virgin Mary shows that have been protested nationally and called "worst than the sin of abortion" by religious extremist organizations. The show is written and performed by Mimi Imfurst (Mary) and Mike Pettry (Earl Weissman).

“A Very Mary Christmas” is the inaugural production of the new Christopher Street Theater located at Pieces Bar in the heart of Greenwich Village. Mimi Imfurst has been working closely with Pieces owner Eric Einstein to transform the previously unused space into a new performance arena for artists. Mimi Imfurst says “When I saw the room, which was used as a piano bar in the past, and had basically become a giant storage room, I imagined many possibilities for the room. I approached owner Eric Einstein about transforming the room into a functional cabaret and theatre space and he agreed. I’m so excited that Eric (Einstein) is as dedicated and excited as I am about the potential for the new Christopher Street Theater as a space for unique artists to workshop and present untraditional theatre without the intense overhead costs of producing off-beat pieces like A Very Mary Christmas.”

Mary, Like a Virgin is produced by Sanctuary Productions & TJ Micallef. The production runs opens December 1st at the new Christopher Street Theater at Pieces (8 Christopher Street between Gay St & Greenwich Ave at 6th Ave), performing Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm through December 23rd. Tickets are $10.00 and available through the show’s website, www.virginmarylive.blog or by calling TheatrerMania at 212-352-3101.


I hope its better than last year!!

I was there last year, wasn't too bad!

is the pieces theater just the back at pieces? i didn't realize there was a back room there? i'm confused

I saw this drag queen performing Early on. She was slightly amature and unintelligent to say the least. Now she has brighter clothes and her make up is a bit thicker than before.Still pretty booger, not even bad in a good way ! I've searched my way through all of her shows on the internet and found nothing but redundant b/s. (cont.)
 I'm really upset to see anyone try to recreate hedwig and even sadder to see it performed by a overweight fat boy with no talent who typically works at clubs that are the equivalent of gay tourist traps in NYC . Then, The ever so ( yes, I'll use the word again as a representation of her overall rating) Redundant....Full house,Mini me, Hedwid and .... South park?!?!?! I really want to see some original material, not pirated material this one likes to spew out on NYC. 
 I'll stick to Formika parties. Same thing, less obvious and better make up and hair by far. They even get bad Great ! Avoid this one , unless you like seeing the virgin mary and some Elton john ripoff sitting at a piano singing most miserably...
 Oh yeah, i think i remember a two drink minimum for that show. Pretty much sums it up , no ? I think so.

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