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Dear Play2Win


Yes, I'm a pretty funny guy; but I write this piece in all seriousness. It's a cry out for help.... by both me and the new CW Show, Play2Win. Keep reading, then you'll understand.

Dear Executive Producers of Play2Win:

At first your game was nothing more than a train wreck that I had to keep watching over and over, then suddenly I realized that the show has a lot of potential. You just need some comic relief. The mummified girls are perfect for the beer-bellied straight man, but trust me he's falling alseep by 2am. Every late night show needs a few good gay men. We appeal to the gays (who are up at this time getting high and buying things on QVC) and the ladies (strange, but true).

I mean, seriously, look at the late night rundown: Will & Grace leads into Frasier, According to Jim, South Park, then Play2Win. Don't get me wrong, I see the trend to compete with Adult Swim on Comedy Central; but imagine the potential that your sometimes boring show could have with two gay guys!

My gay best friend and I would be perfect for your show. We would spark some controversy (not because we're gay, but because we argue about everything). Throw Ronnie Hokanson and Anthony Lago (that's a cheap drop of our names) on the show for at least one segment. We'll liven up the audience and piss some people off. That's all that show needs.

We offer our services, and you can e-mail me at for more information. We can start tonight.

Ronnie Hokanson
(with a Bachelors of Sciene in Broadcasting who studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts)



that would be fukin' hilarious! find out the EP's name and email, and I'll write on your behalves!

damn! and to think i dumped the exec prod of QVC just a few months ago! .......CHARLES, YOU GOTTA LET ME KNOW OF THESE KINDS OF THINGS EARLIER!!

roflol : )

damn! and to think i dumped the exec prod of QVC just a few months ago! .......CHARLES, YOU GOTTA LET ME KNOW OF THESE KINDS OF THINGS EARLIER I COULDA MAYBE HELPED YOU OUT!!

roflol : )

i'm straight, and those chicks aren't even pretty. i'd rather see a few gay guys than some busted ugly girls!

Ha they are so "mummified." They repeat the same god damn shit over and over in those monotone voices it drives me nuts. I support your petition to become host of that show that would be hilarious!!

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