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Is Rudy Giuliani a unicorn?

Just like a unicorn, a Republican who supports gay rights, pro-choice abortion and -- doesn't exist... right?  Wrong, they do he does.  His name is Rudy Guiliani and it looks like he's running for president.

Rudy filed an exploratory committee today so that he can start looking at his options and raising money for a presidential bid.

The question that everyone is asking is: "Will a moderate Republican work?"  The answer is:  it just may! 

Democrats seem to be flocking to the "middle."  Look at proud left-wing liberal, and Speaker of the House in-waiting, Nancy Pelosi.  She has always been proud to be known as the liberal lady from San Fran, but now it seems that's doing everything she can to look a bit more conservative.... or moderate as a result.  Look at Hilary Clinton, she too is talking more about "faith," and she doesn't even support an immediate withdrawl in Iraq. 

Voters didn't necesarily flock to the polls this year to vote for the Democrats, they came to vote against President Bush.  The country itself still remains somewhat conservative.  We forget about all of those senators who weren't up for election, and we forget about all those bans on gay marriage.  So, it looks good for a candidate like Rudy Guliani. 

At this point, I am not endorsing a candidate.  Afterall no one else has entered the game yet.  But I must say that Rudy Guilani would be the first candidate to openly support gay rights... interesting huh?


does anyone remember life with rudy before 9/11? i must remind you that it wasn't too peachy.

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