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Kylie works through the problems at her Sydney Concert

Kylie Minogue was in Sydney this weekend, and she ran into some technical problems after performing her second song, 'In Your Eyes'

Fans tell our Managing Editor Anthony Lago that she filled the time well.  "Fans tell me she sang parts of 'Got to be Certain,' 'Word is Out,' 'What Kind of Fool' and 'Your Disco Needs You' acapella," Anthony reports. 

Some tabloids are saying that the show looked "unorganized" and "baffled," but Anthony also reports that fans he heard from said it gave the show personality.

"I'm being told that the pause wasn't abrupt at all.  I heard she was actually chatting on stage with the crowd before she even realized there was a problem.  They also tell me that when she realized there was a problem, she joked and kept chatting.  From what I hear she was a good sport through it all.  Kylie loves her fans, and she prides herself in giving them a good show," Anthony also reports.

Tabloids are also pointing out that her costume "got caught up" later in the show, but Anthony reports this wasn't that bad either:

"I'm told her arm accessory to the 'Confide in Me' portion of the show got caught in her head piece when the song ended.  The fans said it was actually kinda 'cute' and 'funny.'  Most of the people I talked to didn't even see it happen, so it must have been brief."

We also hear that her mic clipped at the beginning of 'Cowboy Style' and her battery pack fell off during 'Kids.' But again, Anthony Lago reports that no one really seems too upset. 

Kylie is our icon, and a few little blubs won't let us down!  GS


she can handle it... she's a pro!

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