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Nightclub Gossip: Formika and John Blair are both back!

It looks we may see quiet the nightclub surge as old man winter rolls in.  I hear Formika is back, Roxy is gone and John Blair has some new doors opening.

Mistress Michael Formika is teaming up once again with Johnny McGovern to take another stab at Friday nights.  They're taking their party back downtown, just around the corner from the Standard actually, to Don Hill's starting December 15th.  Formika has reigned Friday nights for the past few years, so I'm interested to see if he can revive Don Hill's and make it appealing to all the fags who have been there and done that.

Saturday nights are still a toss-up as Roxy remains locked and seized.  Every other Saturday night party has seen a boost, because the Roxy crowd doesn't seem to know where to go.  Bank, Mr. Blacks, Heaven and even Splash are all probably making a few extra bucks now; but there doesn't seem to be "crowd" anywhere in particular.  The Saturday night crowd seems to be bouncing around from club to club checking out the scene.  This means more people are paying multiple covers in one night.  This also means the promoters are probably making a few extra bucks.  Lets see who makes the best investment and makes the Roxy-ites feel most comfortable.

Bank had Junior Vasquez last Saturday, Heaven has a MySpace Party this Saturday, and Splash is even talking about hiring drag queens.  I love change! 

John Blair has been completely off the radar for the past few weeks, so his return on Sunday, November 26th is guaranteed to be over the top.  He's sticking with his team of Beto Sutter and Alan Picus to bring you Myst.  Even though its just around the corner from their old stompin' ground at Spirit, Alan Picus tells me this party is guaranteed to liven up Sunday nights.  I guess its true, when one door closes (or many - Spirit, Avalon, Roxy, Happy Valley, etc) another one opens.


Don Hills? Are you kidding me? That place is like a big garage.

I havent missed John Blair too much actually.

ewww - Don Hill's sucks!

sun nights: yes. but don hills the dangerous mine shaft??? sorry.

i am so damn excited that fukin J.blair will be back this weekend. i have missed real nyc partying! i hope this new place is off the chain, and i hope roxy re-opens soon!

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