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Straights get the queer treatment at Avalon




Cops closed down Jay Z's much anticipated release party last night at Avalon.  Seems cops are out to close the doors for good!

Meanwhile, all of the gay parties have abandoned the old church... doesn't look like there is much hope for the infamous nightclub!


interesting website, i never knew any such thing existed. you can thank google, because i found you there.

anyways, i do not think this is a gay-straight issue. i think the feds are after the management company, and i don't think they are getting the support they need from the property owners to keep the place open.

i do believe it is only a matter of time until avalon is closed for good!

that's interesting because i was there halloween when they threw us all out into the streets and left everyone wondering what would happen if they did this same thing to breeders. i guess we know now!

they should just close the join down at this point

at this point, the city's only getting more and more evidential support to their case against the owners/mgmt of avalon........ i agree--it IS only a matter of time now before it'll be closed for good unfortunately. and no, that is NOT a so-called "gay-straight" issue here.

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