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Thank you Kylie

Miz Kylie Minogue made her return to the stage this weekend after he battle with and recovery from breast cancer.  From the looks of things, the bitch is back!  Not only does she look so damn good that she can prance around on stage wearing next-to-nothing, but she sounds phenomenal too. 

We have to love Kylie, and we really do need to thank her.  She always does the best job of picking out the hottest back-up dancers. 

No, really -- THANK YOU KYLIE!

Ok, of course there's video too... OMG, thanks so much Kylie!


As if all of the guys isn't enough, she even gave us a taste of her rendition of Madonna's 'Vogue.'

Welcome back Kylie!

Video and Photo research done by Anthony Lago.


wow! she did well this time! she looks amazing too!!!

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