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The Gossip Party: The truth behind the OJ book, Britney Bashes Kevin and Police investigate Daniel Smith's death

Rumor has it the OJ Simpson book wasn't scrapped because OJ has a conscious, but instead because the Goldman's and the Brown's didn't take the 'hush' money that News Corp offered them to ignore the book and Fox-TV special (both funded by NewsCorp). Denise Brown, Nicole Brown-Simpson's sister, told "Today" that they turned down a substancial offer to sit silently. 

"They wanted to offer us millions of dollars. Millions of dollars for, like, 'Oh, I'm sorry' money. But they were still going to air the show," Brown said. "We just thought, 'Oh my God.' What they're trying to do is trying to keep us quiet, trying to make this like hush money, trying to go around the civil verdict, giving us this money to keep our mouths shut."

The Fox-TV interview was already taped, and advanced copies of OJ's "fictional" tell-all about how he would have killed his wife, Nicole Simpson, and Ron Goldman have already been shifted to some stores.  Its only natural that the book will be boot-legged and the interview will hit the internet.  OJ will likely get money out of this venture afterall!

I also heard that Britney Spears has grown fond of K-Fed bashing.  She hasn't participated yet, but I have a feeling the time is coming.  On Tuesday's AMAs, Jimmy Kimmel re-enacted boxing K-Fed up and shipping him off.  Then he introduced Britney as "The Bachelorette Britney Spears."  She was smiling, glowing and looking ready for a comeback!

Nicole Richie also looked bangin' as she introduced her father, Lionel Richie, at Tuesday night's awards.  Evidently Nicole has canned her stylist, Rachel Zoe, who was responsible for her big make-over and weight loss.  Maybe annorexia is Zoe's secret, and now that Nicole has learned -- she doesn't need her anymore???  Just a thought.

Finally, more bad news for Howard K. Stern.  My sources tell me that investigators in the Bahamas have ordered another testiomny from Stern to question him about the death of Anna Nicole Smith's late son, Daniel.  Daniel died in the Bahamas while visiting his mother who had just given birth to a baby girl, Danielynn.  Coroners found a lethal mix of drugs in Daniel's system, one being methadone.  Police want to know how Daniel got the methadone and whether or not Stern was directly involved.


i don't think she will bash him until the divorce is over, but i truly believe that has to be a part of her comeback!

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A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You've obviously spent some time on this. Well done!

Trying to view your post. Your theme is not working right using chrome.

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