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The Gossip Party: Weekend Review

Kazakhhstan finally welcomes Borat! 
While most people are suing Borat, the least likely place is suddenly patting him on the back.  Sacha Baron Cohen's film featuring and named after his anti-Semitic, homophobic and fictional Kazakh TV reporter, Borat, was dubbed "film of the year" by a leading real Kazakhstan newspaper.  That's right, Karavan, a leading weekly tabloid, stepped away from the pending lawsuit line and gave praise to the flick.  "Cultural Learnings is certainly not an anti-Kazakh, anti-Romanian or anti-Semitic ... It is a cruelly anti-American movie," the newspaper printed. "It is amazingly funny and sad at the same time."  While liberal, the paper is normally very loyal to the country's leadership, but in this case they offer advice to the government straight from the words of Borat, "Relax Azamat!"

The Game is over!
The rapper known as "the Game" got arrested over the weekend here in New York after impersonating a police officer to nab control of a cab driver.  The Grammy Award-norminated rapper pulled over a cab, acted liked an uncover cop and conviced the driver to run red lights and speed throughout the city.  "The Game", whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, was actually arrested twice.  He was arrested and release after the car was pulled over but was later arrested again after the cabbie told police his side of the story.  The Game was given a desk appearance and released.  His lawyers are flipping out, though!!  They claim "the Game" was being stalked by police and harassed.  In a statement his attorney said, "This is really a new low even for the NYPD," his lawyer said. “This whole case is so ludicrous. I’m stunned that they would actually make a case out of it.” "It's a big joke to harass him and other members of the hip-hop community, and ultimately arresting him. Let's see how funny they think it is during the cross-examinations of this trial," he added.  I know, if someone like myself would have impersonated a cop, I'm sure they would have let me go too!  Ha!!

Big Daddy is Back!
After two years of retirement and canoodling with Beyonce, Jay Z hit the ground running (almost literally) on the day of his comeback.  The hip-hop mogul (who I'm sure doesn't impersonate cops) performed seven concerts in 24-hours.   He kicked off his one-day tour in Atlanta on Saturday at 6 a.m.  Next in line were Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The mini-tour ended Sunday morning in Vegas.  Welcome back big daddy!


Borat is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!

Borat was fukin' hilarious!

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