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The Gossip Party Weekend Review!

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are painting the country red as a part of Britney's come-back.  I guess she called Paris in to help remember how to party.  The two were evidently late to meet Scott Storch in Miami Friday pissing the A-list producer off a bit, but Scott wasn't the only one they trampled over this weekend.  Evidently before leaving they stole Lindsay Lohan's spotlight in Malibu.  Lindsay was evidently shopping surrounded by paparazzi when Britney and Paris pulled up and stole her photogs.  Eye-witnesses say that as soon the new BFF's rolled in, Lindsay became yesterday's news.  To remind us that she's still a brat, Lindsay drove around the city blarring K-Fed's cd.  What did that do other than make Lindsay look even more ridiculous??  Did Brit-Brit forget she has two kids at home or did she drop them off on the sidewalk with the Manny?  She better not fuck around and let K-Fed get custody of those kids.  I'm rootin' for Britney here, but she always makes herself an easy target.   

Tom Cruise sets the rumors straight on his wedding day... well, not-so-much... gossip dinosaur Janet Charlton says Tom wore a girdle under his tux.  I mean, he couldn't let Katie look better than him.  C'mon, of course not!  Charlton reports that a corset was sewn into his undergarment.  Evidently everyone was sworn to secrecy, but as Janet says "those Armani employees love to gossip."  I wonder he and his best friend are enjoying the honeymoon.

Jude Law may have really paid the price this time for thinking with the wrong head!!  The Cold Mountain actor confessed to Hello magazine: "I got divorced last year and haven't got any money. I'm currently renting my house and I'm trying to save up so I can buy it."  So I guess that means his ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller was probably supporting him.  Those type of relationships don't seem to work in tinsel town.  If she's got to support him, then it's doomed from the start.  Right Reese and Ryan.  Team Reese forever! 

Fag hag extraodinare Margaret Cho has a new job.  The comedian who prides herself in pleasuring her fans, hopes to satisfy herself as a board member for a San Francisco-based company that markets vibrators and sex toys, called 'Good Vibrations.'  In an official statement Margaret said, "I am joining Good Vibrations just in time - my Hitachi vibrator has just fallen into two pieces after 15 years."


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