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Video of the Day: Kramer goes racist

Michael Richards aka Kramer from NBC's Seinfeld went on a racist rant this weekend after being heckled by a black man in a Los Angeles comedy club.

Richards was interviewed by his former boss, Jerry Seinfeld, for tonight's David Letterman show. Fans who saw the Letterman taping seemed to have mixed emotions.

If like most celebs these days, I'm sure he'll be checking into rehab soon!


wow that's just disturbing. I love the show Seinfeld. How could Michael Richards be so crazy. I love how they called him a washed up actor. This is worse than Mel Gibson. I hope this doesnt just disappear in the news and people forget about it

disgusting. plain disgusting.

aside from his ugly bigotry, worse than a cynical "has-been". period. and there IS no excuse.

it is a shame that he had to act like this. I used to like him so much! I didn't think his apology was much either, because he called black people afro-americans!! why didn't Jerry Seinfeld have his publicist call Kramer to prepare him?? lame

his apology was a farce. He is insane

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