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What happened to the 10 Hottest Bachelors?

If you're wondering what happened to our list of the 10 Hottest Bachelors in 2006, well don't give up hope yet.  We have combined this with our annual Gay Socialites of the Year awards. 

This year, we will announce the Gay Socialite of the Year and 10 of the Hottest Bachelors.  We will also name the Gay Socialites' Lady of the Year. 

How do you nominate someone?  It's simple... either click here and complete the form or email the following information to .  All of those who were nominated for the Top 10 list previously will automatically be added to the tally.   The last day for nominations is November 15, 2006 at 11pm.  Voting begins Monday, November 20th!


so there is a chance I might get nominated... whew.... lol!!

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