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January 31, 2007

Pete Doherty gets taped shooting up.

We all love to hate British rocker Pete Doherty, but he does make it sooo easy for us! The Sun snagged the video below where Pete is hanging out in a $16 per night hostile room shooting up with some new found friends.

Charles on... Naked Harry Potter

While this photo might make Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe look all grown up, the truth is -- he is not.  Many mothers are asking what they're supposed to tell their kids when they come across half naked pictures of Harry Potter riding a horse.   I'm not a mother for a reason, because I have NO IDEA what to tell them. 

It's no rumor, Radcliffe has taken a role in the London West End production of Equus, in which he will not only perform fully naked but will become visibly aroused while riding a horse.  Isn't this just a child predator's paradise?

Daniel Radcliffe is only 17 years -- Don't make me call Chris Hanson (Dateline NBC, To Catch a Predator).  It makes me sick to see websites like PerezHilton.blog writing things like "lick" over the promo photos for the play. 

Control yourself!  He's a kid. What has happened to society?  It's almost as if we don't even know to act anymore.

January 30, 2007

Paris Hilton strikes back

Paris Hilton is not going to lay around and take this invasion of privacy as a website sales a peak at her personals. 

According to E Online, the Simple Life star filed a lawsuit on Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles in attempt to shut down the membership based website, parisexposed.blog.  For $39.97, you can get a look at everything Paris left behind when she didn't pay her storage bill.

January 29, 2007

Make a Valentine for a good cause!

This month we are asking the GaySocialites to make a Valentine's Day card for a good cause!  From now until February 13th, we'll be collecting home made Valentine's Day cards for AIDS patients and gay runaway teens.

Please make the card generic so we can give it to a boy or a girl!  You can send them to the address below or hold on to them, because next weekend you'll be able to get a discount at a club if you bring one to the door (more details to come!)

Send Valentines to:

C/O Ronnie Hokanson
109 Washington Street #11
New York, NY 10006

Video of the Week: K-Fed's new job

Check it out. Kevin Federline's SuperBowl Commerical.

I HEARD... a fan's paradise

'I heard' is merely fag gossip.  I HEARD it all, and I have not verified the truth in any of the following...

I HEARD that Katharine McPhee may just be in New York City on Thursday night and might just happen to drop into her own release party sponsored by Campus Thursdays/ BoiParty.blog at Splash.  I say its worth dropping in... just incase.  I think all of you who didn't listen to me when I heard Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake would be at 49 Grove for their release parties this summer.  Haven't you learned your lesson?

I also HEARD that Kylie Minogue might be considering a brief rendition of her Showgirl Tour later this year in Vegas.  Kylie's tour has ended in the UK, and both she and her fag have dropped hints that there is more to come this year.  I hear she is considering a run in Vegas!  Cross your fingers!!

Finally, I HEARD Lance Bass is seeing Days of Our Lives star Brandon Beemer.  Lance confirmed that he and reality hottie Reichen are "off again."  Keep reading to see a pic of Brandon Beemer.  He's definitely too hot for words.  Does Lance piss  gold or something? How does he keep getting these hotties??

No fair, no fair, no fair!!!!

January 28, 2007

The SAG Winners are in!

America Ferrera won for Ugly Betty!   LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE showed that even an under dog can win a SAG; but Helen Mirren ruled the night!!

Click here for a full list of winners.

January 27, 2007

Clay Aiken just wants some gay sex

Perez Hilton has done it again!  Familiar celebrity, new internet hook-up. 

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton claims to have new web cam pictures of American Idol loser Clay Aiken looking for gay sex on manhunt.blog this weekend.  Hilton published a chat log and photos like the one here claiming that someone stumbled across Aiken on the hook-up website.

So while Perez is rolling his fat ass around on a tiny couch eating potato chips and drinking a super Big Gulp, Clay is somewhere in North Carolina trying to get laid online.  They're both pathetic.

Perez Hilton gets his rocks off on outting celebrities who have the potential to hook-up, probably because his fat ass couldn't get laid by a three legged pit bull in heat.

Upon entering my 30's and since the turn of 2K7, I have a new policy to be happy for those who are living their dreams.  C'mon Perez, is this really what you want out of life?

January 26, 2007

Isaiah Washington gets help on being gay friendly

Washington, 43, entered a treatment facility for psychological counseling Wednesday and is expected to stay for a week. He issued a statement, which read, in part, "I regard this as a necessary step toward understanding why I did what I did and making sure it never happens again."

Is this the new rehab?  I like the idea.  I have heard of psychological facilities like this that "de-gay" people, but never a facility that makes one more gay friendly.  I love it, and I'm angry that I didn't think of it!

January 24, 2007

The Call 201: Season Two Kicks

It's time to kick off Season 2 of the Call!  Today Ronnie Hokanson and Anthony Lago are dishing the dirt on everyone from the presidential candidates to Kylie Minogue.

Click here to listen or download!

The Call is brought to you in part by GenerationQ.net!

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January 23, 2007

Paris Hilton gets community service

Look it's Paris Hilton picking up trash on the freeway!  Believe it or not, it might happen.  She was sentenced to probation after pleading 'no contest' to alcohol-related wreckless driving in September.

Hilton was given the option of reducing her probation to 24 months instead of three years if she attended a 40-hour community service program.

Let's just hope her community service is out doors for the world to see!


January 22, 2007

Help kick off the Clinton 08 Campaign!

Here's an email from the Clinton '08 campaign.  Be a part of the campaign from the start!

Dear Charles,

Tonight, let the conversation begin. It's live and online at 7 p.m. EST:


Join me for the first in a series of conversations on the future of our country and the important issues like the Iraq war, health care, and energy independence. I'll answer your questions three nights in a row, beginning tonight.

Since announcing my exploratory committee to run for president just two days ago, the outpouring of support has been amazing -- tens of thousands of you have been wishing me well, signing up, and making contributions.

I believe we need new leadership to bring bold and practical changes to this country and to renew the promise of America. I believe in the idea that if you work hard and play by the rules, you and your family deserve a better life.

It all begins with a conversation about the right solutions to meet our challenges. It's a conversation I'm looking forward to having with all of you as I travel across the country. But tonight, it begins live, online.

To learn more and sign up, http://www.hillaryclinton.blog/conversation 

I also hope you'll take a moment to explore my new website at www.hillaryclinton.blog, where you'll find other ways you can join the conversation. You can send me a message, or even write the very first guest post for our upcoming blog.

I'm in, and I'm in to win. And with your participation, I believe we can win this together and create a better future for all of us.

January 20, 2007

How to nominate a GaySocialite of the Month

Nominate a friend, a co-worker or even yourself!
To nominate someone as the GaySocialite of the Month simply click the link below and follow the instructions. Nominees are due by the 25th of each month.

The GaySocialite of the Month will be spotlighted on the last day of the month at gaysocialites.blog. At the end of the year, you will get to vote on which GaySocialite of the Month should be the 2007 GaySocialite of the Year!

Your name:
Your e-mail:

Nominee name:
Nominee e-mail:

What makes this nominee the GaySocialite of the Month?

What has this nominee done for the LGBT community or to help other's lives?

What does this nominee do for fun?

Please cut and paste this into an email and send it to along with a recent photo of the nominee.  All submissions are due by the 25th of each month!

Hillary Clinton says "I'm In" as she announces her bid for the Presidency!

Hillary Clinton made her intentions clear today as she threw her hat in to the 2008 Presidential Race.

"I want you to join me not just for the campaign but for a conversation about the future of our country -- about the bold but practical changes we need to overcome six years of Bush administration failures," Clinton said in an e-mail to her supporters today.

Clinton is taking a unique approach to kicking off her campaign by holding a three night online conference at her website, www.hillaryclinton.blog.  Starting Monday, January 22, at 7 p.m. EST for three nights in a row, Clinton says she will sit down to answer your questions about working together for the future. Anyone can participate live on her website starting Monday night.

January 19, 2007

The World vs. Grey's Anatomy Homo-phobe Isaiah Washington

If you have been living in a box, then you don't know that ABC is under fire to quickly handle Grey's Anatomy star, Isaiah Washington's, use of the word faggot when referring to his gay co-star, TR Knight.

TR Knight actually said his 'gay bashing' by his co-star was what forced him out of the closet.  The big question is... now what should happen to Isaiah Washington?  Many believe that he should get the boot, and ABC has really neglected to comment at all.  Until now...

"We have a long standing policy to create and maintain respectful workplaces for all our employees. We dealt with the original situation in October, and thought the issue resolved. Therefore, we are greatly dismayed that Mr. Washington chose to use such inappropriate language at the Golden Globes, that he himself deemed "unfortunate" in his previous public apology. We take this situation very seriously, and his actions are unacceptable and are being addressed."

PerezHilton.blog is calling for an ABC boycott until Washington is fired.  Singer John Mayer is even suggesting a unique approach to dealing with the problem in his blog, make Washington's character gay.

I would like to offer my suggestion for a solution; produce an episode of Grey's Anatomy in which Mr. Washington's character, Dr. Burke comes out to his friends and colleagues as a gay man!!! What better way for an actor to get to the roots of his discrimination than by portraying the very the subject of his own ire for the remainder of his contract? That'll learn ya!

In case any writers of the show happen to be reading, I have included some possible script excerpts that might help get this story line up and running.

Now Washington is apologizing as he released this statement:

"I apologize to T.R., my colleagues, the fans of the show and especially the lesbian and gay community for using a word that is unacceptable in any context or circumstance. By repeating the word Monday night, I marred what should have been a perfect night for everyone who works on "Grey's Anatomy." I can neither defend nor explain my behavior. I can also no longer deny to myself that there are issues I obviously need to examine within my own soul, and I've asked for help.

I know the power of words, especially those that demean. I realize that by using one filled with disrespect, I have hurt more than T.R. and my colleagues. With one word, I've hurt everyone who has struggled for the respect so many of us take for granted. I welcome the chance to meet with leaders of the gay and lesbian community to apologize in person and to talk about what I can do to heal the wounds I've opened.

T.R.'s courage throughout this entire episode speaks to his tremendous character. I hold his talent, and T.R. as a person, in high esteem. I know a mere apology will not end this, and I intend to let my future actions prove my sincerity."

Too little too late?


January 18, 2007

You're Invited...

Charles on... Lindsay Lohan's Rehab

Every one from Perez Hilton to the Insider and everything in-between (even local news) is making a huge ordeal over Lindsay Lohan going to rehab.

Why the hell is everyone acting so shocked?  We knew it was coming!  The girl went to AA, but said it wasn't for alcoholism and kept drinking anyway. 

I pat Lindsay Lohan on the back.  I say you go girl!  Get your ass in the most expensive rehab money can buy. 

Medidate. Sweat. Rehabilitate my dear.

Plus if you look like when you're drunk, then you better get your ass to rehab ASAP!!

January 14, 2007

I heard... Fag Gossip & RW/RR 'The Duel' Spoiler

'I heard' is merely fag gossip.  I HEARD it all, and I have not verified the truth in any of the following...

I HEARD... that Johnny McGovern records, edits and produces his not-so-hit dance music on his friend's computer.  I guess that's why he is so quick to stamp his name on any song that a drag queen or washed up club kid can pull together.  You have to give them props though, at least they have their own song on their MySpace pages!  (Yes that's Ryan from Real World Road Rules "Fresh Meat" in the picture with Johnny.  He was one of the Pimp's man-ho's before being cast on the MTV reality show.)

I also HEARD that Johnny's once popular podcast 'Gay Pimpin with Johnny McGovern' where he and some quasi-transsexuals perpetuate raunchy porn and other gay stereotypes is slipping in the ratings. Maybe you can credit that to the arrival of some more realistic gay podcasts like 'Feast of Fools', 'Blonde on the Inside', and 'The Call with Ronnie Hokanson.' (toot, toot - yes that's my own horn you hear.)

Still on NYC draggies,  I also HEARD that another singing drag queen (complete with the Gay Pimp home studio stamp of approval) is dirt broke after trying to turn her song into a music video.  While Peppermint Gummy Bear's 'Servin It Up' may be burning it up on YouTube, it simply isn't making any money.   I guess she'll have to serve it up with her RuPaul-esque style and make-up a few extra days down at Lips.

Finally, I HEARD that Wes and Svletvana have won the Real World/ Roadrules 'The Duel' on MTV.  The final show airs Thursday night, but I HEARD the winners have leaked and Wes will win his second consecutive RW/RR Challenge and Svletvana has surprised everyone by taking the top female spot.  Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, but again... it's only what I HEARD!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Gay Pimp and his ho's as much as the next homo... I'm just telling you what I HEARD.

January 12, 2007

News Briefs: This week in Gay

More Separate Than Equal in Jersey  The State of New Jersey isn't as welcoming to the whole idea of same sex Civil Unions.  NJ has decided that clergy members can refuse to marry gay couples if they want.  Starting February 19th, gay couples can apply for civil union applications, but the state's attorney general has decided if clergy members say it defies their religious believe -- they don't have to do it.  Just another step in separate but equal. 

Ellen still on top  Congratulations to Ellen Degeneres for taking home two trophies at this week's People's Choice Awards.  She won for Best Talk Show Host and Favorite Funny Female Star.  In the talk show category Ellen beat out Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey, as funny woman she beat out Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Queen Latifah. 

Edwards wavers on Gay Marriage  While former MA Governor Mitt Romney is trying to sounds as anti-gay as possible, former NC Senator John Edwards is not.  He says he supports civil unions, but not wavers on whether gay marriage should be legal.  Calling it the "the single hardest social issue for me personally," Edwards was taunted by the audience to "be honest" before he agreed that gay couples should have the same rights as breeders. 

January 10, 2007

Blackwell Names Socialites Worst Dressed!

Mr. Blackwell has done it again!  Topping his worst dressed list for 2006..... 

That's right, partying pals, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton share the top spot!  Blackwell, who compiles the annual list, dubbed the socialites as "screamgirls."  He also describes them as "style-free and fashion deprived - two peas in an over-exposed pod'.

In Blackwell's 47th annual report, Camilla Parker-Bowles took the #2 spot.

January 09, 2007

Equinox janitors file suit over gay sex in bathrooms

The janitors at Manhattan's fanciest gyms say that won't clean up shower rooms that have turned into gay sex clubs.  According to the New York Post, the cleaning crew at Equinox Fitness Center is fed up with all of the sexual promiscuity that goes on in their men's changing rooms.

The six men's suit says they were "exposed to in appropriate, lewd, embarrassing and humiliating sexual behavior and activities occurring in the showers, saunas, steam and [men's] locker rooms" that they then had to clean up at Equinox clubs around Manhattan.

Equinox says the charges are "frivolous," and sexual exhibitionism is not "an issue."  Riiiiiight!

The Gossip Party: Rosie O'Donnell vs. Barbara Walters

Rosie O'Donnell has really made a SPLASH at "The View" in just a short time.  Now, it looks like her rivals with others (mainly Donald Trump) may be causing an internal fued between Rosie and her boss, Barbara Walters.

Every gossip rag on the planet is talking about a fight that evidently took place between Rosie and Barbara just minutes before going on the air Monday morning.

According the Daily News, this is how it went down:

"Rosie had a very firm talk with Barbara," says the snitch. "She told her in no uncertain terms, 'I hope you set the record straight.' "

But according to Page Six, it was a bit nastier than that!

"You've crossed the line." O'Donnell retorted, "Cameras are now outside of my house where my wife and kids are." She turned to Walters and said, "You went all around this and never called [Trump] a liar. You never said, 'Donald is lying.' You never called him a liar."  When Walters tried to defend herself, O'Donnell erupted, "Are you looking me in the face and denying you didn't tell him you didn't say this? You're a fucking liar."

Babwa and Rosie both have the same publicist, Cindy Berger; and she didn't even deny the fight happened saying,

"Whatever happened in the hair and makeup room was hardly a squabble. It's business as usual, everyone has moved on."

It will be sad if Rosie doesn't come back to the View after her one year contract is up, but now that TV talk is back in her blood -- Rosie may have to go solo again!  That wouldn't be such a bad thing, would it?!

Video of the Week: Starveillance - Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

All of the bits aren't this funny, but this one is freakin' hilarious!!

January 08, 2007

The Gossip Party: Gay Weddings and Celebrity Outtings

Gay superstar Alan Cumming is a married man.  I know, I know, this is the same man we've all seen sucking face at Roxy and dancing on a box at Crobar.  Those times has passed, because he married his boyfriend of two years, illustrator Grant Shaffer, this weekend in London.   Celebs in attendance included Sir Ian McKellen, Geri Halliwell, Neve Campbell and Rufus Wainwright.

Bloc Party frontman, Kele Okereke, is also stepping out of the closet.  In a revealing interview with Bloc Party lead singer, the Guardian probed the singer about the sexual undertones in two of their songs.  As a result, Okereke fell right out of the closet.    

notes that two tracks on the band's upcoming release, A Weekend in the City, seem to explore an interest in gay issues ("Two songs, 'I Still Remember' and 'Kreuzberg', seem to explicitly explore homosexuality. The former is about a crush between two schoolboys ('We left our trousers by the canal') The latter is about gay promiscuity.")

News Briefs: A quick look at the top LGBT news headlines

Presidential candidate pledges to fight gay rights: Former Mass. governor Mitt Romney, speaking to a gathering of influential Christian conservatives and GOP donors, addressed the moderate social views he once held (pledging to support gay rights), a record that has made many question his motives by appearing so homophobic. Romney said he has grown and could be trusted to keep the social positions he now holds, which include an opposition to abortion and support for a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.  [Boston Globe]

Gay wedding industry booms: Vendors say attention to the marriage issue has encouraged more gay couples to recognize their relationships, though in most states, the ceremonies are purely sentimental.  [IndyStar]

Dallas goes gay! Dallas, long known as a Baptist stronghold and home of Stetson-wearing business types, is touting a new image: gay travel destination. The city has joined other locations, such as Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale, in actively reaching out to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender visitors. [Sun Sentinel]

January 07, 2007

NYC Nightclub Committee recommends safety changes

After all of the killings, gay bashings and drunken brawls associated with late night partying, the city council has invited some members of the New York Nightlife Association to assist them in making bars and nightclubs a safer place.  Together they have come up with some suggestions such as the following:

  • Requiring clubs to have video cameras at entrances and exits
  • Giving the police authority to close clubs where "repeat violent felony assaults have occured
  • Creating monitors for "problem clubs"
  • Investigating makers, sellers and users of fake IDs
  • Establishing a city office for nightlife
  • Creating a working group with the nightlife industry and police as members

The committee also suggested raising the age of admisson at nightclubs from 16 to 18 (what?! I don't know any clubs that allow 16 year olds.  Are we in Mississippi??).  After a bit of research, I found this is a state law so they can't change that anyway.

Lets hope it cuts down on the violence without killing all the fun.

January 06, 2007

Stonewall to reopen

The scoop is that Stonewall is opening up again soon.  It sounds like it's gonna be an old queen's dream.  Edge New York is reporting that the folks down the block at Duplex are remodeling the old Stonewall and bringing it back. 

"It’s gonna be gorgeous," a construction worker at the site.  I'll have to see it to believe it!

Governor Spitzer promises gay marriage intiatives

New York's new Governor, Elliot Spitzer, made many stops to visit with gay leaders, journalists and headliners (myself included) and promised a push for gay marriage if elected.  Today his aides are telling The New York Sun that his intentions haven't changed.

"The governor made a commitment to advancing it this year, and he will do so," Mr. Spitzer's communications director, Darren Dopp, told the Sun.

This will be interesting to see.  I don't think we have seen a governor nationwide who has openly supported the issue!  Go Spitzer, Go Gay!

January 03, 2007

Video of the Day: Donald Trump fires back at Rosie O'Donnell AGAIN!

On Wednesday's episode of the View, Barbara Walters returned for the first time to defend Rosie O'Donnell in her battle against Donald Trump saying she didn't hate Rosie and saying Rosie was the best addition to the show. Ratings prove it.

Donald Trump, of course, has a few things to say himself (surprise, surprise).

January 01, 2007

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