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January 31, 2007

Charles on... Naked Harry Potter

While this photo might make Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe look all grown up, the truth is -- he is not.  Many mothers are asking what they're supposed to tell their kids when they come across half naked pictures of Harry Potter riding a horse.   I'm not a mother for a reason, because I have NO IDEA what to tell them. 

It's no rumor, Radcliffe has taken a role in the London West End production of Equus, in which he will not only perform fully naked but will become visibly aroused while riding a horse.  Isn't this just a child predator's paradise?

Daniel Radcliffe is only 17 years -- Don't make me call Chris Hanson (Dateline NBC, To Catch a Predator).  It makes me sick to see websites like PerezHilton.blog writing things like "lick" over the promo photos for the play. 

Control yourself!  He's a kid. What has happened to society?  It's almost as if we don't even know to act anymore.

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he's a young boy in my eyes...

i couldn't really read the article because the picture was covering it and i couldn't move it out of the way to read the article... but he is good looking but to me he is just a boy. And that is wrong!!! That is so wrong..yes he's a movie star but that does not change the fact that he is a young boy!

I honestly think that parents and the media are making too big a deal of this. Yes, he is only 17 and I don't plan on Googling for pics of the show, but its not like he's performing in front of the world. Parents have no reason to start wondering what to tell their kids, hes in a play! He's not having sex on stage or anything lewd, its part of a classic. He's performing at a single theatre in London. Granted, people are blowing it waaay up and theres no doubt that pictures will be spread like wildfire (ane people like Perez Hilton getting all horned up over it are kinda gross), but in the end it will pass and the world's children will survive unscathed.

i have mixed emotions. While I think he looks hot, I do understand that he's 17. I don't want to be on "To Catch a Predator!"

i am gay with horses. i love harry potter naked. with horses. and peanut butter.

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