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February 25, 2007

And the winner is... Al Gore!

The GaySocialites are really pulling for Al Gore to win the Academy Award for best documentary tonight for 'Inconvenient Truth'.  If he doesn't take the top spot, he should probably demand a recount as all odds are on the former Vice-President.

Many analysts, both in Hollywood and in Washington, say that an acceptance speech at the Oscars would be the best media opportunity to announce one's candidacy for president.  Not only would this take all eyes off of the Hillary Clinton/ Barak Obama fight, but it would also boost DVD sales.

If Al Gore is going to run, this would be the PERFECT time to announce it!  He would definitely look like the democrat's knight in shining armor presenting an alternative to the early battle between Clinton and Obama, and it would go down in the history books as the most creative announcement/ acceptance speech EVER!

Tonight's Oscars could be a bit more exciting than we all expect!

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