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Anna Nicole judge offered job with CBS

It looks like the judge who ruled the circus also known as the battle for Anna Nicole Smith's dead body is getting his wish.  TMZ.blog reported that Judge Larry Seidlin has his eyes set on a television career, and it looks like they were right.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the "Saturday Early Show" on CBS has their eyes on Seidlin's zany personality and legal expertise.

"I have been extremely impressed by your compassion in the Anna Nicole case and I would love to discuss with you the idea of being our judge on a new segment, 'Morning Justice,'" Michael Rosen, the show's senior producer, wrote in a letter Friday to the judge, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

If you watched him at the Smith trial, then you know he's definitely good TV.


please NO!

what a disgrace to the profession he is

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