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Anna Nicole Smith's Death Certificate surfaces

TMZ.blog has published what they say is Anna Nicole Smith's death certificate, and there is something fishy on it! 

The paper shows Howard K. Stern as the person who identified her body, however (as TMZ points out) Stern listed himself as the "NOMINATED EXECUTOR" not her husband, boyfriend or even friend.

So when is the rest of the world going to realize that Howard K. Stern didn't see the buxom blonde we saw in Anna Nicole Smith?  Instead, he saw big dollar signs!  $$


isn't that just a legality? leave howard alone.

no it is howard trying to make money off of his dead girlfriend

Why doesn't everyone leave Howard alone already. He has been with Anna and was always there for Anna. If she did not want him around why would she put him on the babies birth certificate or keep him around. So, evidently she was very close and did care for him. Howard also looking towards her wishes to be buried in the Bahamas. I don't blame howard for listing himself as nominated executor because he was the one always there for her and looking for her best intrest even at death. I am sure he knew every cock roach who wanted part of her money would come out of the woodwork. That mother of hers is evil! How can you go against your daughters wishes to be buried in a plot next to her son and she had already purchased this plot for herself. Looks like mothers last dig into Anna even as she is deceased. This women is rotten and I hope Howard gets Danny Lynn also. So everyone quit letting the media brain wash you. Always making drama! Leave Howard to grieve in peace. Imagine yourself in his shoes a loved one dies and the media turns it into a fiasco, the courts hold the body in a morgue for 3 weeks, he has Danny Lynn to worry about and much more. Quit down grading this man on hearsay!

We all deserve a chance of being heard, talk about JUDGING someone! Thank you ET for giving Howard a voice. Larry Birkhead is only in it for the money and fame which he got. Howard stuck with Anna thru thick and thin, Anna made it clear she didn't want her greedy mother near the baby. Howard: stay strong! Anna and your baby need you!

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