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Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother is back in the Bahamas!

While the coroners in Florida were preparing Anna Nicole Smith's body to return it to the Bahamas for burial next to her son, Daniel; her estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, was boarding a plane to head to Nassau herself.  Court adjourned until Monday morning, leaving Anna's latest companion Howard K. Stern, ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead and Arthur to bury her remains and to evidently tie up some loose ends. 

Immediately after arriving, Arthur went to see her Bahamian attorney who is representing her in the custody battle over Anna Nicole's 5-month-old beneficiary, Dannielynn.

The Miami Herald is reporting that Arthur is staying in a posh hotel in comparison to the cheaper hotel where she stayed during her last visit insinuating that Arthur might be making a few bucks off of the media freenzy surrounding her daughter's death.


I hope Anna's mother burns in hell. the lying 2 faced money whore mongering bitch...no wonder Anna hated her.

I am sympathetic to the view of JM above. Ms. Arthur has inspired nothing but credibility in my mind regarding the claims [ of evil ] made by Anna about her mother. The kindest thing one can say about Ms. Arthur is that she brings disharmony with her. She is completely insensitive to Anna's wishes, disrespecting Anna's decision to bury Daniel in the Bahamas, appealing on Friday, Feb 23, 2007 the ruling by Milstein, the guardian ad litem. How dare she!

If Anna had wanted Daniel buried in Texas she would have bought burial plots in Texas ! And why did Anna buy FOUR burial plots in the Bahamas, not just one? Because Anna intended the other spaces for herself and remaining family of her branch.

Ms. Arthur claims, still at this stage, to love Anna. She left a syrupy card to Anna outside the Medical Examiner's office. I completely distrust Ms. Arthur and suspect her of pathological dysfunction. I pray for strength for Mr. Stern and wisdom for the judges.

Who is at the center of the latest forged documents barring the removal of Anna's body from Florida, forging the signature of a California judge in the paternity case of Danielynn? Arthur's camp has to be strong suspects in this matter for it has the motive. If the forgery is not from Arthur's camp, some other deliberate mischief is afoot. It is illegal to forge the order of a judge.

Anna will not rest in peace if she is not buried in the Bahamas. Anna will not rest in peace if Baby Dannielynn is not brought up by Mr. Stern because she deliberately named Mr. Stern as the father. Let Anna's wishes be respected.

Plese join me in lighting a candle for Anna that she may rest in peace.
May the light go forth to sorround this matter and destroy the darkness.

NOTE: The former assistant of Anna Nicole, KIMBERLY, stated on TV on Feb 23, 07, that someone has impersonated her on the internet and falsely claimed lies about Mr. Stern and Anna in Kimberly's name. Kimberly said that Anna loved Mr. Stern, that there was love (and intimacy ) between them and that Mr. Stern loved her (which is plain to see in his tender and protective gestures toward Anna before she died and his quiet anguish now ) . Kimberly had also lived with Anna and her household. She said she had never seen Anna take illegal drugs. She did say she had seen Anna take methadone.

Again, may light go forth and destroy the darkness.
This is a fight between good and evil.

I totally agree with Grace...she has said everything! I believe that Anna's wishes were with Mr Stern and her new home in the Bahamas. She seems to have been a very strong woman and I would be very surprised if Mr Stern took advantage of her. Allow him to grieve in peace and follow Anna's wishes of taking care of baby, Danni Lyn. If DanniLyn has her mother's personality, she will be one very strong woman and a real fighter!
Go in peace, Anna.

Anna judgement with the recent death of her son is to be questioned. A mother is someone who gave her a precious gift (LIFE)!!!! Anna made it plain in the past how she felt about her mother however, Daniel & now Danielynn is her flesh in blood and no matter what the problems were between mother & daughter that does not change the connection to the grandmother between the children. Anna is gone let's try to listen to the people who loved her even if they seem not worthy.

Anna now go in peace !!!!!!

Just because you give birth to a child, doesn't mean your a mother. Birth mother yes, and yes a real mother.........give me a break. According to Anna's interview with ET after she claimed her mother was evil she told of the whippings and rapes by her dad and brother to bother her sister and her and she left home when she was 15. Anna did what she needed to give Danny a good life growing up. I do believe her past and family abuse caught up with her and she turn to drugs. If Vergie loved her she would have seen her in 10 years, but any mother to go on TV right after her grandson's death and make accusations that Anna and Stern killed him. Can you image someone accusing you of killing your beloved child? Sick. Then not long after her death there is Vergie again with her thought on how Anna died still without the Coroner report. IF Vergie gets Danielynn better believe we will be seeing a young death and history repeat itself.

Notice the sister is not supporting the mother at the trial???? Hmmm!!

Sister is a jerk too. Jealous, greedy wants her money. Her sister is writing a book about Anna. Profiting from your sister, big trailer trash losers.

To M.A. Knight:

I agree with Cassie Smith. In Anna's own words, Vergie Arthur was a BIRTH MOTHER ONLY, not a mother. If Ms. Arthur did not protect Anna from the rapes and molestations, she did not honor her daughter Anna and now, in death, does not honor her daughter's wishes by wilfully opposing Anna;s wishes to the point of APPEALING the ruling on Thursday, Feb 22, 07.

You see, that even in death, Ms. Arthur will try for her own advantage.

Anna appeared on Entertainment Tonight and said how hurt she was by her mother going on CNN and suggesting the Anna or Howard had something to do with the death of Daniel. You can find this video by searching GOOGLE - VIDEOS - ANNA NICOLE SMITH.

Now that she is dead, Anna knows in heaven that her mother is launching accusations against Howard K. Stern for being responsible for Daniel's death and now Anna's death. This is a huge injustice, and part of Ms. Arthur's pathology.

Anna said on TV that Ms. Arthur was 'evil'. Good people do not understand evil. I believe you, Mr. or Ms. MA Knight, are a good peerson, and therefore you may not understand what evil looks like in ordinary people - not in dictators and madmnen - but in ordinary people.

The more I see and hear of Ms. Arthur the more I sympathize and support Anna and Mr. Stern. Ms. Arthur's colors, by her recent public actions, are now being unveiled before the world to see and hear.

Let those who have eyes, see.
Let those who have hearts pray for right to be done and peace for Anna and send light to the entire group.

does anyone feel sympathetic that she lost her daughter to drugs then death?

I feel sympathetic that Ms Arthur lost her daughter Anna to drugs and death.

The question I ask is, how did Ms Arthur lose her daughter decades ago?

If she did not do right actions when Anna was alive, her moans now - let me give her the benefit of the dought that she IS sorrowful - are only less than half.

Ms. Arthur continues to disrecpect Anna. That is the key point. Her professed love for Anna does not, to me, seem genuine. At the very least, it is shallow.

Typing Correction:

"doubt" not "dought"

I read the Judge's opinion/order. He doesn't blast Stern or Birkhead, but he does blast Arthur saying she was less than credible AND that he found it curious that she was driven to the viewing of Anna in a vehicle owned by a journalist with Splash media. Thats what prompted my angry response above.

I think the Judge was an arrogant ass during the proceedings, but his opinion clearly shows he was paying attention. Although he made his final decision basically on a Florida statute that says next of kin goes to the children first before the parent -- indicating that they could have wrapped up the hearing in a matter of hours. However, stretching it out gave him a chance to find out a lot of stuff and that is also addressed in the opinion as well. You can read the opinion/order at the below links:


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