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Anna Nicole Smith's former assistant speaks out

Kim Walther was Anna Nicole Smith's long-time personal assistant and friend.  She also appeared on Anna Nicole's reality show, the Anna Nicole Smith show on E! 

This week, Kimmie -- as Smith often called her, spoke out on Anna Nicole's life.   Kim said she witnessed Smith signing her will and attests that she was "of sound mind and body."  She also said that Smith once told her she wasn't sure who Dannielynn's father was, but she later told Kim that Howard K. Stern her baby's daddy.

Walther also said that she was not behind the blog that claimed her name.  In the blog, someone wrote entries denouncing Howard K. Stern and accusing Smith of drug use.


KEY POINTS - Stern testified that there had not been any drugs of Methadone around Anna Nicole Smith in the last five months, since her son Daniel died.

That testimony by Howard K. Stern was a lie. Prescription medication found at the scene, inside the refrigerator next to her bed at the Hard Rock Hotel, included the stimulant Provigil, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the powerful pain reliever Vicodin, and the morphine-like pain reliever Methadone — a lot of Methadone.

In testifying to being the father of Dannielynn, Howard K. Stern stated he is the father, according to the laws of the Bahamas. That was a clear message, that he had done some research on the paternity laws of the Bahamas.

Reading the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahams, CHAPTER 130 dealing with paterity, states that the father is the name on the birth cirtificate and states there is no need to search for a father, when the father named on the birth cirtificate can be located. No blood tests are required to locate a father, when the father named on the birth certificate is living and can be located.

If you read the will of Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern is the one who benefits from her death. The will is the road map to murder, a double homicide and possibly more.

Howard K. Stern has the cunning and courtroom posture of Theodore Bundy with a mixture of lies and defiance similar to Scott Peterson.

In the Bahamas, the father of Dannialynn by law is Howard K. Stern. By the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith were legally married at sea on a boat with a Bahamas minister, which is very common practice in the Bahamas. The commitment ceremony, held on the high seas, is a legal binding marriage in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The will of Anna Nicole Smith, which was completely manipulated and crafted by Howard K. Stern, making him the sole beneficiary, will hold up as a legal will in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Regardless of the language in the will, by the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Howard K. Stern is considered the surviving spouse of Anna Nicole Smith and is entitled to inherit her entire estate.

That little wedding commitment ceremony, held on the boat, out on the high seas, was done for a reason. It was part of Howard K. Stern's master plan.

Howard Stern planned this entire plot from the very start of his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith, when as her attorney, Anna told Howard she wanted to die young like Marilyn Monroe. That's when Howard realized it would be more profitable for him to step aside as her attorney and remain as her confidant, but not before he had crafted the will of Anna Nicole Smith.

It is truly a shame but it is written; if live by the sword, you will die by the sword. Remember the 90 something year old man that Anna took advantage of; and how her deceased husbands children stepped in to resolve his will issues?

Everyone is saying that howard stern lived off of anna nicole but did anyone add up all the hours of legal work that he has done for her? From what I have read he is her lawyer, boyfriend and her companion that has been loyal to her. slept on a cot in her hospital room. did all the errands for her that she asked him to.
I have had no interest in anna nicole til the publicity came out about her death. She didn't have the time to mourn her son daniel because Larry Birkhead made her life miseable chasing her around wanting a dna test.
Now Howard has not been able to mourn anna because larry and anna's biological mother is after the money and wants the baby so they can be assured of getting it.
I have been thinking...why write a will and why put your feelings in a video her mother was abusive to anna. I wanted to throw up when I saw her testify that she didn't make any money off of her daughter and grandson. she had senior moments where she couldn't recall accepting money from splash.
another thing is how can virgie arthur afford to file all the motions and appeals that she has been filing? Her daughter did not want to have anything to do with her. Larry Birkhead has harrassed anna and chased the woman all over the states.
just my humble opinion.

In my opinion, Anna Nicole's daughter has tradgedly and innocently been born into a situation that will haunt her all her life ...I too, think Howard Stern has cleverly devised an agenda in which he is the prime beneficiary.He should be held liable (and hopefully disbarred) for his complicity in knowingly enabling Nicole's sad overuse of prescription drugs, procured with his knowledge, via various false names from various doctors that likely caused her death and perhaps were even instrumental in Danny's death also-(was he "supplied" with more drugs when he arrived in the Bahamas from Anna's secret stash in her duffel bag in the hospital than his body could tolerate..we will probably will never know).
How can Stern say he loved Anna when he would stand by and watch her slowly destroy herself and even film a tragic and seemingly drugged and obviously unwell woman who was painted up as a freakish, tragic clown apparently by hands other than her own (as seen in the video shown in court )that also shows Stern repeatedly saying "this is worth money" to her as he films...it appears the video is worth money to Stern as a means to blackmail a woman who is famous for her beauty in the world of fashion and film and whose public image was essential to her success, and who if lucid would not want it publicized. If he is the father of Dannielyn and was really Nicole's legal spouse he would not be hiding behind all his cleverly devised maipulations of the law. I hope his parents will see the light and stop financing his legal conniving and impress upon him the need to be honest and upstanding human being in his dealings with the life of an innocent little girl who is the real victim of this bizarre conniving ...how interested would he be if Nicole's fortune were to suddenly disappear completely..perhaps this would be the best thing for little Dannielyn. I certainly hope no one else gets their hands on her inheritance..perhaps she is the old millionaire's daughter after all...( apparently Anna Nicole saved his sperm) that would be marvellous!! May God protect this innocent babe and find her a family who will love her and prove it with the care and unselfish devotion and guidance they provide her that focuses on her best interests.

Am I the only one who thinks Anna was one strong woman, who did what she wanted, with whom she wanted? I remember the reality series well, and she ran the show completely. Howard and Kimmie, who obviously adored her, were her gophers. She doted on Daniel, who she obviously adored. I have had close friends who I love do drugs, no way anyone can stop drug use without wanting it for themselves. It is a shame that everyone is jumping on the Howard is bad bandwagon. I think he is the only one who tried to protect her from anything unpleasant. Like that monster of a mother. Whoa, she is one bad lady. Larry Birkhead cared for her so much that right after her son died he files these papers to try and take away her remaining child? IMO this may have been the beginning of the end for Anna. This is a no-brainer. Media get a grip, when this story cools, Howard will continue to be there to take care of their child. I just pray he stays strong and in the Bahamas.

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