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February 14, 2007

Bobby Trendy takes the Anna Nicole Spotlight

Anna Nicole Smith made 'nobody' interior designer Bobby Trendy a D-lister, now he's cashing in on his portion of the spotlight from Smith's passing.  Trendy tells Life & Style's Web site that she met with Smith in Hollywood, Fla., two days before her death.

"She seemed like her old self, making silly jokes and laughing," Trendy said. "I'm so shocked I can't even tell you. She was in a good mood -- she looked fine, she seemed fine."

Something drastic must have changed since the "Anna Nicole Smith Show" wrapped, because last I heard the two hated each other.  Either that or Bobby is taking one last ride on the Anna Nicole wave.

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I didn't watch her show, so I really have no idea who this guy is. He looks like a baked barbie doll.

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