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Clinton vs. Obama - 20 months to go!

With more than 20 months left before the 2008 presidential election, things are already starting to get nasty between the two democratic front runners.

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are slinging mud thanks to entertainment tycoon David Geffen.

Geffen is a former Clinton friend who contributed to her husband's presidential bids and was once the center of the "Lincoln Bedroom" fund-raising scandal.  President Bill Clinton was accused of practically renting out the historic room in the White House in exchange for campaign funds raised by Geffen.

Now Geffen is backing Obama and calling the Clintons the "royal family" that tells "lies."

Reps for team Clinton say Obama should keep his pledge to "change the tone of politics" and give back money that Geffen raised for him over the weekend while taking low blows against the Clintons.  Obama's reps fired back saying "the Clinton's had no problem with David Geffen when he was raising $18 million" to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey who was the first to plant the seed for a possible Obama presidential bid told Ellen Degeneres this week that she is "feeling" Obama over Clinton at this point.

Neither candidate has openly thrown their support behind same sex marriage or other gay rights initiatives.


I think these two may defeat each other leaving room for John Edwards to come out on top!

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