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Gay-hate blog gets the boot

The killbattyman site, hosted by blogger.blog, which is owned by Google, was thought to have originated in Jamaica. It's purpose:  to gay bash.  Now, blogger.blog has removed the site after coming under fire from several gay rights groups according to PinkNews.co.uk.

The latest post featured a doctored image of Peter Tatchell holding a placard with a sexually explicit picture of a child on it. Most believe the image of a child is the reason that Google decided to take the blog offline.

Google confirmed that they removed the blog, but they did not give the reason for removing it.

"We removed the blog today as quickly as we could," said a Google representative.

Someone needs to hunt this bastard down and tell him it's the year of the gay, and he needs to step off!  A UK net police company will also monitor the site.

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