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February 23, 2007

Judge Seidlin: reality TV hopeful

What's this? A star in the midst? Judge Judy  Judge Larry Seidlin, the clown presiding over Anna Nicole Smith's circus/custody/burial/babydaddy court case may be headed STRAIGHT for his 14:59 minutes of fame.

The 56 yr-old former cab driver has perfected his TV personna and during the court preceedings has been referring to the many lawyers based on their state of residence rather than by name.  He has also quoted such cliche sayings as, "In the old days, I'd be bangin' some heads together!"  He even cried when he gave his verdict!

Ugh, could someone show this guy his own playback? He's Oh soOo cheesy.

Howard K Stern's lawyer, Krista Barth, didn't seem to enjoy Judge Seidlin's antics whatsoever saying she "objected to everything...under the sun."  Seidlin's courtroom has been referred to as "circus-like" and his quotes to the crowd of spectators and TV cameras have made the solemn case feel like a like an episode of something worthy of a traffic court.

Bottom line: He was more impressive driving a yellow cab with offensively strong body odor. 

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