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February 22, 2007

Lily Allen launches a fashion line

Lily Allen, our featured artist on this week's Audiogasm, plans to launch a fashion line for "high street" wear to be sold in stores across the world.  The UK pop tart is calling her line "Lily Loves," and it will debut in over 300 stores in the UK, France, Dubai and Belgium.

The clothing line will carry six dresses, two pairs of shoes and assorted accessories, the chain announced Wednesday.

Her line is meant to go up against "M By Madonna", a clothing line co-created by the singer to reflect her own wardrobe and set to be the headliner shortly at H&M.

"Lily Loves" launches on May 9.  I am excited to see it.  She has a cute style, but I don't think she'll compete with Madge at H&M... especially in the US.

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Madonna is gonna whoop some ass!

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