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February 22, 2007

Perez Hilton sued over topless Jennifer Aniston photo

Celebrity blogger (and one of the world's most hated men), Perez Hilton, can't seem to keep his hands out of the cookie jar off other people's pictures.  Yet again, the self made blogger is under fire for swiping a picture and posting it on his website.

Universal studios filed suit against the celebrity-gossip blogger Tuesday for copyright infringement, accusing Hilton of posting a stolen topless picture of Jennifer Aniston that was shot and then stolen either during production or post-production of 2006's The Break-Up.

Universal City Studios Productions claims that the shot posted on the blog was "misappropriated and illegally copied," according to court documents, and that Hilton "illegally obtained a copy of all or part of the stolen footage."

Hilton's attorney says he removed the site out of "good faith" when he received notice of the suit.

Celebrity photo agency X17 has filed a $7.5 million copyright suit against Hilton, accusing him of using its images without permission.

Hilton is claiming "freedom of speech" and "freedom of press."  Has he ever heard of "thou shalt not steal?"

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thats dumb people would ever do that!

maybe this will be the end to that paparazzi wanna be without a camera

Perez is riding high for now, but when the legal bills come in, he will go down faster than stripper falling out of a plane.

All his claims of freedom of speech and press are well and good, but using copyrighted and STOLEN materials without permission is ILLEGAL. I'm glad he's getting sued, and I hope it's the end of his crap blog.

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