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February 16, 2007

Porn star & producer sued for ripping off film classic

Porn star and producer, Michael Lucas, is in court this week defending his latest raunch flick, "Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita" Parts 1 and 2.

International Media Films Inc. accused Lucas of trademark and copyright infringement for the porn films. The lawsuit filed Thursdsay seeks to stop sales of the porn movies and to collect unspecified damages.

Even though it is pretty evident that Lucas didn't come up with this title on his own, he is calling the lawsuit "a joke."

"This lawsuit is completely out of line," he said. "I think they're making fools of themselves. I don't think Fellini would like that."

According to the Associated Press, International Media Films said it bought "La Dolce Vita" for its library of classic titles in 2001, treasuring a movie that introduced the term "paparazzi." The film follows the life of a tabloid journalist who covers the glitzy show business life of Rome while yearning to write about more serious subjects.

Lucas' film just shows some hot guys rolling around together naked.

You decide the winner....

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This is a blantant and disrepectful rip off!!!!!!

nice abs won't get him out of this one

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