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Justin Timberlake in big controversy at small town nightclub

There's tons of controversy surrounding a possible appearance by Justin Timberlake at a club in Illinois.  The promoters say they have paid for him to come, but the star and his peeps say they don't know what they're talking about.

Sharky's Billiards owner Joe Piagentini says a promoter assured him that Timberlake had been paid $25,000 to make an autograph-signing appearance at the bar after a March 13 concert at Rosemont in the Chicago suburbs.

This could be the best publicity spin this club has ever put on any appearance.  Gotta get on the map somehow huh?


the money sounds right why not just pay him to ensure he shows?

he's so hot. i know that's irrelevant but whatev, he's hooot!

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