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Rats infestation lowers Taco Bell's stock prices

We first told you about this story earlier today; but if you haven't seen the video yet, you won't want to miss it.  Take a look at this report from the CBS affiliate in New York.  This is what went down when rats invaded a Manhattan KFC/ Taco Bell restaurant ultimately affecting their parent company's (Yum Brands) bottom line.

The word spread quickly across news stations and the internet after a TV crew discovered the rat infestation Friday morning and filmed it through a window of the Greenwich Village building.  Early reports confirmed dozens of rats were infact inside the eatery feeding on scraps off the floor and running about freely.

When health inspectors arrived, the parent company for KFC and Taco Bell, Yum Brands, Inc., was once again forced into a high gear damage-control mode only a few months after barely surviving an E. coli outbreak.

“This is completely unacceptable and is an absolute violation of our high standards,” Yum Brands said in a statement.

The restaurant was not open when the rats were spotted. The company said construction in the basement on Thursday appeared to have stirred up the rodents.


gross, gross, gross. this ended any chance of me ever eating at Taco Bell or KFC again!!!!!!!

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