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Ready to take a Ride on Saturday Nights in NYC?

Do you remember a day when twinks, bears, muscle queens, trannies and fashionistas all partied together under the same roof?  Well if you don't, it just means you haven't been going out for too awfully long in New York City.

For those of you who have never experienced it, and for those of you who miss "the Tunnel" days; here's your chance to take a Ride.  SpinCyle has teamed up with Zailen Productions to present Ride at Rebel.  It all starts Saturday night, and its likely to be the place where you'll find all of the gay party guys who are looking for change.

"Our goal has been to make this a place where everyone feels welcome and can have fun. Diversity just makes things a lot more interesting and a lot less predictable. So I guess the short answer is: predictability," SpinCycle publicist, Ron Lasko, told me.

The scene will be set at a venue that I had the lucky privledge of touring before it even opened called Rebel at 251 West 30th Street at 8th Avenue. This new cute space may seem a bit familar, and it is if you ever partied at Downtime (NYC circa 2002).  Don't get me wrong, the new owners have done a fabulous job of revamping the place.  The lounge is a bit posh, and the dance floor sounds good, has some bangin' lights and is hella spaceous. 

Lasko tells it best, "It isn't a huge club, but its also not a lounge pretending to be a club. There is a real dance floor that isn't cluttered with furniture and there is a nice little lounge area. It isn't overdesigned, but its also not a dump. It kind of has the best of all worlds. The only other space that I can compare it to is the old Spa on 13th Street, in its pre-Plaid incarnation."

I couldn't have said it better myself.  As Lasko mentioned, it does have that Spa feel to it.  I can definitely see a mix of club kids and 20-something GaySocialites hanging in the lounge and breaking a sweat on the dance floor.

I also asked Ron Lasko what he might say to the misplaced, yet loyal Roxy patrons with no place to go after the place is torn down next month. 

"Roxy's influence will certainly be felt at Ride," he said. "They are going to see a lot of familiar names on the rotating DJ roster, plus some bartenders and go-go boys they may remember. But they will also get a lot of new faces as well," he added.

It all kicks off Saturday night with DJs Van Scott and James Andersen on the main floor and DJ Lina in the Liquid Garden Lounge.  The special guest host is Kitty Litter, and you can probably expect to see everyone who is anyone stopping by to see if they can get Ride at Rebel.

Ride at Rebel (251 West 30th Street at 8th Avenue) opening night Saturday, February 24.  The party will continue weekly thereafter.  www.SpinCycleNYC.blog or www.Zailen.blog for guestlist information.


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