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Texas lesbian comes forward as former Anna Nicole Smith lover

Most of the people coming forward to announce that they are one of Anna Nicole Smith's former lovers are vying for custody of her billion dollar baby, Dannielynn

Not Sandi Powledge, she's the Texas lesbian who says she had a three year relationship with Anna Nicole before she married oil tycoon Howard J. Marshall.  She also says it was apparent that Smith had a drug problem then and isn't surprised that it is all coming out after her death.

Powledge spoke to celebrity gossip site, TMZ.blog.

"I'd say, 'Can't we just have a night without it?'" she says. "She'd say, 'Yeah.' But as the night wore on, I could always tell by her slur or the look on her face (that she had taken drugs)".

$o why did $he even come forward?  What was her purpose?  Even if $he really wa$ Anna Nicole'$ le$bian lover, what would her benefit be for $tepping forward?  I mean, maybe $he could make a few buck$ if the right place want$ to buy the right$ to her $tory.  Crazy how that happen$ i$n't it?

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What hapened with the trust fund established by tycoon stepfather
J.H. Marshall for Nicole's son Danniel.

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