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February 15, 2007

Where the hell did Heaven go?

Heaven nightclub in New York City is officially only a memory in the twink (or twink admiring) chapter of our lifes.  It's true.  579 Sixth Avenue will no longer be known as Heaven.  From this day forward, the 18 and over crowd will flock to 16th and 6th to enter the Candy Lounge.

We're NOT talking one of those rebirth back to basics remodeling jobs with a few new lights and some disco ball stickers.  We ARE talking about a fully remodeled night club and lounge complete with new owners and management.  Could this really be true?  You better believe it is! 

You can even get a sneak peak this Thursday if you're not old enough to crack the new 21+ policy in effect at Splash.  Alan Picus' campus party goes on for the upper classmen, and you youngin's might wanna get your sugar daddy to buy you a fake ID.  This Thursday's 'Campus' bash is hosted by Real World Denver hottie, Davis!

So on Thursday if you're old enough to drink, Splash is the place to be.  If a wrist ban doesn't match what you're wearing, then swing by and get a peak at the Candy Lounge (579 Sixth Ave.)

Saturday night, I'll give you a sneak peak of Saturday Nights at the Candy Lounge featuring Steve Sidewalk and more!

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wow - sounds fun!

fun? i will have to see it believe it.

he is also a frequent user of the n-word--- do we support that now?

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