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Who is covering the Oscars this year?

This year's Oscar coverage is bigger and better than ever on all accounts.  Just about every channel is doing their own version of a countdown show; and as we mentioned earlier, some channels are even doing a countdown-to-the-countdown.

If you're still deciding what to watch, here's what you get to choose from (all times listed are Eastern Standard Time):

12pm-6pm:  E!:  "Countdown to the Red Carpet"

12pm-6pm:  TV Guide Channel: "Countdown to the Academy Awards''

6pm:  E!:  "Ryan Seacrest and Juliana DePandi live from the Red Carpet" 

6pm:  TV Guide Channel:  "Joan and Melissa Live at the Academy Awards"

7pm:  ABC:  "Barbara Walters Oscar Special"  

8pm:  ABC:  "Road to the Oscars 2007"

8:30pm:  ABC: "The 79th Annual Academy Awards"

After the show:  ABC: "An Evening at the Academy Awards: The Winners''

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