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March 12, 2007

Cyndi Lauper headlines gay rights tour

Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Harry, and Margaret Cho will headline the "True Colors" tour designed to help raise awareness for gay rights with other performers including Erasure and Rufus Wainright.


Lauper said that she believes more Americans would be supportive of equal rights for gays if they knew the discrimination they faced.

The tour will kick off in Las Vegas on June 8 and end in Los Angeles on June 30.

One dollar from each ticket sold will go to benefit the Human Rights Campaign.

Scandalous video could destroy Britney Spears



We have all heard the stories about Britney Spears' night of partying with the dancers at New York's nightclub One on February 12 that accompany these pictures.  Evidently there's another picture of the former pop superstar's ass that some perve snapped while she was trading clothes with one of the dancers.  The highest bidder gets it, and we're at about $150,000... do I hear $150,001? 

That's not the worst part though, evidently there is also a video that was taken in the office of the nightclub that got Britney doing something worse than showing her ass. 

The NY Daily News quoted a source saying, "If that thing goes on the Internet, there's going to be big trouble. It might be what they need to take [Spears'] kids away from her."

Spears is, of course, in rehab at the Promises Rehabilitiation Center in Malibu.  Her two kids are with her estranged husband Kevin Federline.

I wonder if its a lesbian sex tape or a tape of her doing drugs?  I can't freakin' wait!

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Marc Jacobs checks into rehab

Marc Jacobs has checked himself into rehab after being sober for over seven years! 

The designer evidently relapsed and decided to undergo another round of rehab.  He hopped on a plane and checked himself into an in-patient rehabilitiation center in Arizona for drug and alcohol abuse.

“Marc made the right decision,” his business partner Robert Duffy said. “He’d been sober for seven years. When he relapsed, he wanted to deal with it right away. Obviously, our prayers are with him.”

The day before Jacobs was showing his Louis Vuitton collection in Paris.

Mario Vasquez caught in gay scandal

I guess I never thought about the fact that everyone may not know that former American Idol contestant Mario Vasquez is gay.  Since we both live in New York, I guess I just assumed it was common knowledge.  Today I found out that Vasquez is "straight" in the public eye and has been avoiding accusations from bloggers and gossip writers attempting to out him.

It looks like Mario can run, but he can't hide anymore.  TMZ.blog is reporting that Vasquez is being sued by a former Idol employee for sexual harassment.

The lawsuit alleges that Vazquez "started to rub his genitals over his pants. Attempting to leave the bathroom, Olmos opened the door of the stall and saw Vazquez standing in front of him with his pants down masturbating."

According to the documents, Vazquez pushed Olmos "further into the stall and continued masturbating with one hand and trying to pull down Olmos' pants with another hand."

Olmos claims that he tried to "cover his body with his hands" but Vazquez touched his "chest and stomach underneath his shirt, and Olmos' "genitals" as Vazquez "attempted to unzip" Olmos' pants.

Vazquez then allegedly asked Olmos "if he wanted oral sex."

TMZ goes on to explain that a few months after incident, Olmos says he was "terminated."

I was once offered a discounted hair cut by some queen who claims to know Mario Vasquez's boyfriend, a hair stylist.

Could this have anything to do with why Mario left the show?  Most assume he dropped out after record execs told him that he didn't need the show to get a deal.

Looks like someone is cashing in on a love affair gone wrong if you ask us here in the GaySocialites newsroom!

Liz Hurley butting heads with her new mother-in-law?

Liz Hurley's week of weddings to Arun Nayer have been somewhat like a fairy tell love affair turned bad! 

First Liz's wedding security caused a brawl when they were spotted in a knock-down-drag-out fight with photographers and journalists in Jodhpur.

A party set to be held for the newly weds on Saturday night in Bombay was cancelled after Ms Hurley had a falling out with her new mother-in-law Joanne Nayar, according to a report in the Times of India's Bombay supplement.

Liz's mother-in-law, however, says that isn't true.

"We cancelled the party as the paparazzi was getting aggressive in Jodhpur and we didn't want another scuffle," she told the Bombay Times.

The Times report claimed there is a "war" going on between the two women, and that Hurley was upset that Ms. Nayar had used the wedding to promote her jewelery line.

The couple has now reportedly left India to honeymoon in Africa.

Ashton Kutcher in talks to join racial drama



One of the hottest men alive, Ashton Kutcher, is likely going to take some time away from being a step-father and husband.  Ashton is in talks to join Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington in the thriller "Lakeview Terrace."

The flick will center on an LAPD officer (Jackson) who will stop at nothing to break-up an interracial couple who just moved in next door.  If it all pans out, Kutcher will pay Washington's spouse.

Shooting will begin in LA in June.  This wouldn't be the first interracial role for Kutcher on the big screen.  In 2005, he starred opposite Bernie Mac in "Guess Who."

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills near a divorce settlement

Dancing with the Stars isn't the only thing on Heather Mills' mind.  The former model claims she needs $19,000 a day "just to get by," and she's expecting it in the form of alimony from her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney.

McCartney says he isn't worth "far less" than the $2 billion that everyone thinks he has.  However, it looks like he and Mills have reached a deal at $71 million. 

The couple separated in May of last year after being married for four years and began divorce proceedings in July. The divorce proceedings took a particularly nasty turn when Mills claimed that McCartney had been violent towards her during the four year marriage.

Meanwhile an online gambling service is taking bets on whether or not Mills will loose her artificial leg on Dancing with the Stars set to debut on March 19.

Regis Philbin is going under the knife

Regis Philbin, the 75-year-old co-host of "Live with Regis and Kelly" announced on Monday morning's show that he will taking some time off to undergo a triple bypass surgery later this week. 

"Well, listen, I gotta tell you something," Philbin told the audience.  "I had been feeling chest pains, you know, and, uh, shortness of breath and all those little symptoms that you hear about," Philbin explained.

Philbin underwent angioplasty in the early 90's and said he was going to have it done again because "you know, you get in, bang, bang, bang, they blow it open and you leave the next day," but "there's some plaque in some arteries and I've got to get it cleaned out," he added.

Regis has lined up a star-studded cast of guest hosts, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Howie Mandel, Neal Patrick Harris, Pat Sajak, Jeff ProbstMartin Short and Donald Trump.

Police investigate Brad Delp's death

More details were revealed Monday about the surprising death of singer Brad Delp.   Police say that Delp's fiancee Pamela Sullivan found the Boston frontman dead in their New Hampshire home Friday morning.

"She had last heard from him the night before…because she stayed out after work with some colleagues," said Lt. William Baldwin. "She tried that morning three times to get a hold of him, and could not, so she went home and [found] him."

The cause of Delp's death is still under investigation although authorities say they don't suspect foul play. No autopsy is scheduled, but the state medical examiner is awaiting toxicology test results.

Brad Delp was 55 years old.

Starbucks, more than just coffee now

Starbucks Corp. is branching out from coffee to music.  The company said on Monday it has formed its own record label that will develop music offerings to be sold both in their coffee shops and through traditional music outlets.

The new record company, called Hear Music, will be based in Los Angeles. They have partnered with Concord Music Group for the new project. These two have collaborated on albums before including releases by Ray Charles and Sergio Mendes.

In addition to producing CDs in its coffee shops, Starbucks also has a Hear Music radio station on XM Satellite Radio.

Paris Hilton getting dropped from record label

Paris Hilton is evidently getting fired from her music label, Warner Music.  The Daily Star is reporting that the socialite heiress has "lost interest" in her pop career and is expected to be dropped within a few weeks.

A source told the newspaper: "Paris will be dropped in a matter of moments. She's totally lost interest in the project and in all honesty, her label feel very much the same."

Evidently they haven't told Paris yet, but they don't expect that she will be too upset

Rosie is at the View for at least one more year!

It looks like Rosie O'Donnell is sticking with "The View" for at least one more year, but she'll probably split next year to start her own show.

According to Page Six, Rosie will sign for one more year at ABC when he contract expires this summer.  This doesn't mean that Ro is in it for the long haul though.  The main reason that she didn't leave now seems to be that its too early to start her own show for the fall season.

The Post is also reporting that Rosie wants executive producer Bill Geddie out, but a "View" rep told TMZ.blog that, "There is not one detail of this that is accurate."

March 11, 2007

Britney Spears battling bulimia


Britney Spears has told doctors in rehab that she has suffered with bulimia since she was 16 years old.

The "Toxic" singer told rehab staff that she "pigs out" on junk food and then vomits to avoid putting on weight.  Britney's pre-puke menu consists of junk food like burgers, sweets, biscuits and ice cream, then she makes herself vomit to avoid getting fat.

Britney of course entered Promises Rehabilitation Center last month after shaving her head at a hair salon.  Since then she has grown rather close to her estranged husband Kevin Federline who frequently brings by her sons for a visit with mommy in rehab.

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New York City's top promoters revive Avalon as a nightclub!

This is what happens when New York City's gay nightclub forces collide and join together.  John Blair, Mistress Formika Jones and Alan Picus are joining forces to bring Avalon back as a nightclub.

Saturday nights in New York City clubbing is about to make a drastic change.  Roxy had its last dance on Saturday closing the doors forever, but what happened at Rush (formerly known as Heaven)?  The place was packed! This was simply foreshadowing of a new Saturday night alliance in New York City.

Starting March 31st, Avalon will bring together John Blair's Chelsea muscle boys, Formika's freaks and misfits with Alan Picus' twinks and party boys for the New Saturdays at Avalon.  Can NYC handle it? 

John Blair will take charge of the Main Floor, Formika will introduce the Strip Tease Chapel and Alan Picus will present Scandal in the Spiderclub.

Can I get an amen? I have pushed for major change for years, and this is exactly what I have been talking about.  This superdome style party will put everything under one roof!  One cover, one HUGE fuckin' party!!

Get ready, because this is only one of the many major changes you'll see this spring in the nightclub scene.  All I can say now, is get ready to see gay socialites in places where you have never seen gay socialites before!

'300' breaks box office records!



Time Warner's highly publicized battle epic "300" took the top movie spot in both the US and Canada this weekend taking in $70 million in ticket sales, a record for a March opening.

It's insane that a movie could make that much money and its not even a holiday weekend!!

The movie knocked "Wild Hogs,'' out of the top spot which fell to second place with $28 million, while Walt Disney's ``Bridge to Terabithia'' was third with $6.9 million.

"300'" broke the March opening record held by Fox's "Ice Age: The Meltdown," which made $68 million in its first weekend last year. 

This Week-in-Anna Nicole Smith

Playboy model turned reality star Anna Nicole Smith has seen almost as much fame since death as she did when she was alive and ticking.  This past week her mother and ex-husband have filed papers to have Smith's son exhumed and moved to Texas while her drug dealing doctor has avoided medical examiners.  Now this upcoming week, a custody battle for her only living heir will begin.

The rollercoaster ride has only just begun.

Anna Nicole's first husband Billy Smith and her estranged mother Virgie Arthur began a campaign to dig up Anna Nicole and Billy's son Daniel to move his dead body to Texas for burial near the family he never really knew.  A few weeks ago, Anna Nicole's friends finally buried her right next to Daniel after weeks of court battles, but if her family has their way the buxom blonde's body will lay in the Bahamas alone.

Meanwhile back in the United States, the medical examiner who was prepared to release Anna Nicole's cause of death on Friday has put his decision on hold after speaking with local police about evidence that could change his verdict. The examiner Dr. Joshua Perper said he has spoken with everyone close to Smith with the exception of the doctor who issued a prescription for methadone to Smith while she was 8-months pregnant.  Dr. Sandeep Kapoor said through an attorney that he doesn't have anything to contribute to the investigation.  Kapoor has justified his decision to prescribe methadone to a pregnant Anna Nicole Smith despite questions on why he would give her methadone at all.  Methadone is a drug that is often prescribed to help heroine users kick their addiction, but witnesses say Anna Nicole has been using the drug as a pain killer for years.

This week is also when things will start to pick-up with the custody battle over Smith's infant daughter, Dannielynn.  The 6-month-old little girl is expected to inherit millions from her mother's estate.  Now, a three-way battle between Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur; the custody battle is more heated than ever.  The end result will likely come down to a paternity test.  If there is no clean-cut answer on who the father of the child is, then Arthur may snag custody as Dannielynn's nearest living relative.

Anna Nicole Smith died of still unknown causes on February 8th while vacationing in Florida.  She was buried nearly one month later.

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Angelina Jolie keeps helping despite kidnap attempt

Angelina Jolie always works her hardest at trying to save the world, even an attempted kidnapping won't keep this international do-gooder down!  That's right, someone planned to steal Brad Pitt's gorgeous girlfriend!

The News of the World quoted Jolie as saying, "It was in a small village. I won't say where, or with whom, but some gangsters planned to kidnap me and extort a massive ransom. I was warned at the last minute, and managed to escape, luckily."

Angelina, of course, won't let that keep her down.  She currently involved in missions that range from New Orleans to Cambodia.  You go girl!  Live life on the edge!!

Angelina Jolie speaks of her humanitarian efforts in Chad

Newsweek just landed an exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie about her recent humanitarian mission to Chad. 

Here are some highlights from the interview.  Trust me, they will only make you love her even more!

People will look at these pictures of you in Chad and ask, “What can I do?” What should they do?
There are great NGOs like SOS [Austria's SOS Kinderdorp] and there are great NGOs inside and under the U.N. that you could send aid to. It's important for the American people to know that a lot of people believe—I certainly believe—that it has been their outcry and their interest that has motivated our government. I think that the American people have paid attention to Darfur—a really amazing groundswell of people that really care, and are moved and emotional about the things they've seen when it is brought to their attention.  

Where would you take the spotlight next?
I want to go back to Cambodia. I would like to understand and see what I can find out about what's happening inside Burma.

You're living in New Orleans right now. Is that just because you like the city or because you wanted to bring attention to New Orleans, too?
A bit of both. Brad was doing a film here and so we were going spend a month here. [We] realized it was a place we liked, we liked the people, I liked the school for the kids. They're very diverse. I liked the other parents. I feel very comfortable with them. We're happy having our children here. Brad is working on rebuilding here.... But for me, just as a mom, I love the other parents and the kids and the schools. I'm starting to work on the education here and the school system here. There's a lot of work to be done.

Told you it would make you love her even more!!

Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony calling it quits?

If you have ever read any of my columns, you know that I adore Jennifer Lopez.  Her other-half, Marc Anthony, on the other-hand scares me a bit.  I often find myself wondering why such a beautiful woman would marry such a strange, sickly looking man. 

Now, Page Six is reporting that it all may be coming to an end:

JENNIFER Lopez and Marc Anthony are lovey-dovey in public, but insiders say they've hit a rough patch in their marriage. "There was a fight on New Year's Eve," said a source who saw Lopez that night. Another spy said, "There was a fight after she performed at the Super Bowl, and when she had an album-listening party in Miami two months ago, there was an issue." According to this source, Lopez stood up and talked about her upcoming album and said, "This is my dream and Marc and I worked so hard on this album . . . Marc, would you like to say something?" - to which Anthony coldly said, "No," and looked away. One of the issues is that Lopez is said to be putting off pregnancy - he has four kids with two other women - and Anthony is very interested in Scientology. But a friend of both said, "They fight, sure, but everyone fights." A rep for Lopez said, "They're fine."

Lopez has become the queen of break-ups, I'm sure when the time is right she will take the plunge!

Comedian Richard Jeni dies of gunshot wound in apparent suicide

Well-known comedian and actor Richard Jeni died of a gunshot wound in an apparent suicide, police said Sunday.

Police found the 45-year-old comedian barely alive after responding to a call Saturday from Jeni's girlfriend.

Police said the caller said, "My boyfriend shot himself in the face."

Jeni died at a nearby hospital. 

In 2004, he was named as one of the 100 greatest standups of all time by Comedy Central.  He also frequently appeared on the "Tonight Show" and had roles in various movies and TV shows. 

TV Guide has called Richard Jeni "flat-out hilarious" and People Magazine has called him "thrilling to watch".

Busta Rhymes banned from movie set

Rapper Busta Rhymes was in NYC this weekend attempting to make an appearance in the crime drama Order of Redemption, but the NYPD put a quick stop to it.

"The production agreed that Busta Rhymes would not be participating in the scenes shot here after the police department raised public safety concerns," said Julianne Cho of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.

The police still haven't said what those "public safety concerns" are, but the New York Times is reporting the producers could not meet the cost of hiring extra officers that police said were necessary due to the rapper's celebrity status.

"Celebrity status?"  In other words they are worried that he might get moody and hit someone.  Imagine how much security it would take to get Naomi Campbell in your movie!

Republicans embrace Gingrich's affair confession

Newt Gingrich lead the revolt behind Bill Clinton's impeachment in the late 90s.  He was the most vocal about how 'wrong' Clinton's affair was, and he really voiced his opinion about the fact that Clinton lied about it.

On Friday, Newt tells his good buddy James Dobson (christian evangelist turned right-wing puppet) that he too was hiding something at the time of Clinton's trial.  Gingrich himself was having an affair while he was pushing for Bill Clinton to be impeached.

As you know, Clinton was impeached but not removed from office. In his interview with Dobson, Gingrich argued that he should not be seen as a hypocrite and suggested he had an obligation to pursue the charges against Clinton. 

Meanwhile he was doing the same damn thing.  It does seem that Republicans are finding it easier to forgive and forget these days.  Jerry Falwell has praised Gingrich for his confession, and while there Falwell also made nice with another high-profile republican, John McCain.

Many believe Newt's confession is the first step in announcing that he will battle McCain for the republican nomination in 2008.

American Idol top 12 shockers from Head to Barba

The American Idol journey from 24 to 12 contestants has been drawn out this year more than ever!  We have had a lot of opportunties to get to know the top 24 contestants, and some Idol fans have even lost their loyal favorite early in the competition. 

No, I'm not talking about the early end to Sundance Head's Idol career; I'm talking about the promiscious girl who quickly became the most searched person on Google... Antonella Barba.

I am really shocked that all of the horny guys who were scouring the internet to catch a glimpse of her ass or score a picture of the Idol hopeful laying naked in rose pedals didn't try to keep their 'slutty' favorite in the competition.

The point of American Idol, of course, is to find the best singer/ performer.  Each year, the competion has its fair share of controversy, and I truly expected Barba to be our source for drama!  This is how I pictured it:  week after week Barba would avoid being eliminated until the judges and right wing conservates got so pissed off that they would campaign to get her off the show.  I guess I was wrong.



The performers above made the cut, and they are: Blake Lewis, LaKisha Jones, Chris Sligh, Jordin Sparks, Phil Stacey, Melinda Doolittle, Brandon Rogers, Gina Glocksen, Chris Richardson, Stephanie Edwards, Haley Scarnato and Sanjaya Malakar.

The Week-in-Britney Spears

Britney Spears has made it through a whole week of rehab! 

Well, sorta.  The former pop tart has skipped out a few times for visits with her kids and estranged hubby Kevin Federline.  She has left the Promises facility to do a bit of shopping, and she is said to have been running up and down the halls at night leading to a suicide watch.  Now, she is ready to come home.

Insiders report that Brit has been missing her two sons Jaden James and Sean Preston horribly!  Paparazzo's have spotted K-Fed and Brit at the park with the boys, and they have caught Britney's three guys arriving as early as 6am and leaving as late as 10pm. 

We also keep hearing that Britney is breaking rules left and right.  Not only is she leaving the facility to hang out with her family, but she is also supposedly doing her fair share of shopping.  Brit has hit the road to pick up a few things and phoned in a list to her cousin for online ordering.

The strangest thing is that witness say the "Toxic" singer ran up and down the hallways then went back to her room where she tried to kill herself with a bed sheet.  Shortly after that, she went on suicide watch.

Now Spears says she is ready to come home, claiming she doesn't have a problem afterall -- she now says its just post partom depression. 

Meanwhile on the outside, her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and his music producer Timbaland are taking about helping Britney with a comeback album.

Let's see if she can make it another week, shall we?  Only 4 or 5 more to go!

Come back probability at this point:  Unpredictable

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Springfields compete for Simpson movie premier

Towns named 'Springfield' across the country are vying for the right to host the premier of the upcoming Simpson's movie set to be released this summer.

Sixteen Springfields all in different states will make the final list of competitors.  Each town will have to make a short film touting their town and its "Simpsonesque" qualities to help win over the Fox execs.

City officials are taking these competition very seriously.  From Massachusetts claiming the accent to Illinois and Tennessee marking their spot due to the proximatey to Simpson vacations and travels.

The Simpsons movie opens July 23.

Madonna to join Rosie O'Donnell on Nip Tuck

It looks like Madonna will be joining her good friend and League of their Own co-star Rosie O'Donnell on Nip/ Tuck.  Rosie has been a regular on the show since her infamous sex scene with Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon

Creator Ryan Murphy confirmed he is in the midst of writing a role for Madonna.

"I'm going to write something for Madonna, who is a fan of the show and I would love for her to do something with Rosie," he said. 

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman have also signed on to do future episodes of the hit FX show.

The Sunday Morning Gospel: The F-Word

When I was growing up, I was taught to never use the 'F-Word'.  The F-Word they were referring to was, of course, fuck.

Today a new F-Word has sprouted, of course I'm talking about faggot.  Don't freak out and call the Human Rights Campaign, I'm gay so I can say it... that's how it goes, right?

The word faggot has gotten a lot of attention lately.  It all started when Isaiah Washington called his Grey's Anatomy co-star TR Knight a faggot.  TR is a faggot, but Isiah is not so we don't have a match.  Washington went to rehab, was assumingly 'cured'.

Then republican mega bitch Ann Coulter comes along and makes fun of Washington saying that she would call democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a faggot but she can't or she would end up in rehab.  Later Coulter said she doesn't see anything wrong with using the word faggot or any other derivative of the word fag.  One by one papers across the country are dropping Coulter's syndicated column.

For those of you ignorant bigots who like Coulter don't know that faggot is a derogatory word that discriminates against another person or group of people who happen to be different than you, the same rules apply to the F-Word as apply to the N-Word. Don't use it or you might get your ass kicked.

And as a general rule of thumb, my grandmother would tell me that if you didn't have anything nice to say, then you shouldn't say anything at all.  So, have a nice week bitches.

March 10, 2007

James Brown's body placed in crypt

James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul" who died on Christmas Day, was entombed on Saturday at a private ceremony held at his daughters home and presided over by the Rev. Al Sharpton, Reuters is reporting.

The body had been kept in a temperature-controlled room at his South Carolina in the bronze and gold-plated coffin used for his funeral in Georgia last year.

"The children used their own funds to pay for their father's entombment so that their father could be put to rest without further delay," Sharpton, said a statement.

Brown left "a substantial estate and substantial holdings ... which are currently being disputed in court," and Brown's children "wanted to see their father entombed in a resting place without delay, rather than await court decisions," he added.

Salma Hayek is pregnant and engaged!

The machine behind ABC's Ugly Betty is producing a baby!  Salma Hayek has announced that she is pregnant and engaged to French businessman, Francois-Henri Pinault.

Several days ago, pictures of the 40-year-old beauty sporting what looked like a baby bump surfaced. The confirmation came just several days later, announcing the engagement to the her soon-to-be baby daddy as well.

Rehab facility sues Courtney Love because she didn't pay

A luxury rehabilitation center in Newport Beach is suing rocker Courtney Love for more than $180,000 for drug and alcohol treatment she received after overdosing at a Hollywood nightclub in2005 but didn't pay for.

Love lived in the Beau Monde International rehab facility beginning in August of 2005, and evidently paid $10,000 after entering.  According to representatives from the rehab facility, Love refused to pay the remaining $182,286.

Liz Hurley causes media battle (literally)

Journalist and body guards evidently broke out in a battle outside of the Umaid Bhawan fort where actress Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar got married for a third time.

Paparazzi blocked the couple's Bentley as they were trying to enter the fort prompting security to lock down the structure prohibiting any photographers or reporters from entering.

The BBC is reporting that media battle got physical as journalists and guards began hitting, slapping and punching one another.   Some journalists even stood outside the locked castle for hours demanding an apology from security.  The security company ignored their demands.

The reception was closed to the media as the couple sold exclusive photos to Hello magazine.

Dozens of police guarded the airport where the newly weds were due to leave the desert city of Jodhpur on Saturday.

March 09, 2007

Boston lead singer found dead

Brad Delp, the front man of the 1970s and '80s rock band Boston was found dead at his home in New Hampshire on Friday, according to local police.

Delp apparently was home alone and there was no indication of foul play, New Hampshire, police said. He was 55 years old.

Under Delp's lead, Boston scored hits with "More Than a Feeling," "Long Time," and "Peace of Mind."

Highly popular in the 1970s, the band always ran strong producing its last album "Corporate America" in 2002.

Kylie.blog says 'leaked' track isn't Minogue singing

Kylie Minogue is addressing rumors about a recently leaked song that really shouldn't have made it out yet. 

According to Kylie.blog:


Kylie.blog would like to set the record straight regarding a track attributed to Kylie entitled 'Excuse My French'.

Kylie is not singing on the track and she has never recorded a song by that name.

She is currently in the studio recording tracks for her tenth studio album hopefully to be released later this year.


We first told you about the 'leak' earlier this week, and Anthony Lago spoke with a Kylie insider who confirmed it was indeed a leaked track of new material with Miz Minogue singing.

"In a panic at the leakage of this new material they informed all parties questioning the song that it was actually an "Old demo" and that in fact it wasn't Kylie singing," Anthony's insider tells us.

Regardless of whether it was Kylie singing or not, we are really looking forward to hearing her new album when it does drop!

Will someone be arrested for Anna Nicole Smith death?

There is new evidence regarding the death of Anna Nicole Smith, but the new details have not been released. The medical examiner who was expected to announce her cause of death this week has decided to wait after meeting with Seminole police.

FOX News forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden said it is unusual to make a delay at this point in an autopsy.

"The cause of death should be patently obvious at this time ... it sounds like there may be issues about whether it's a homicide or not," he said.

So you think they'll go after the doctor (Sandeep Kapoor) or the drug administrator (Howard K. Stern)?

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death and the controversy surrounding it while you're here.

Britney Spears having withdrawls in rehab

Britney Spears is evidently have withdrawls in rehab, not necessarily from drugs or alcohol but from her two infant sons.

A source told X17Online that, "It seems like Britney is struggling being away from Sean and Jayden because Kevin let her spend four hours with the kids."

According to reports from paparazzi camped outside the Promises Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, Spears was seen leaving the facility on Wednesday night to meet estranged husband Kevin Federline and her two son Sean-Preston and Jayden James at a nearby park.

The following morning, Kevin and the kids were at the facility by 6am and reportedly stayed for more than 4 hours.

Rumor has it that Britney and Kevin are considering getting back together when if she makes it through treatment.

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KaPOOR excuse from Anna Nicole Smith's methadone doctor...

The man who prescribed methadone to Anna Nicole Smith while she was pregnant is speaking out (through his attorney) regarding allegations that he won't cooperate with the medical examiner's report. 

Dr. Joshua Perper is responsible for determining the cause of Anna Nicole's death, but Dr. Sandeep Kapoor won't talk to him. Kapoor's attorney says he can not contribute anything to the investigation. 

I guess since he knew that it was medically sound to give methadone to a pregnant woman with a drug problem, then he knows that he isn't needed to determine her cause of death.  LOSER!

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death and the controversy surrounding it while you're here.

Papa Joe Simpson says his girls won't end up like Britney Spears

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's dad-manager says his girls will never end up like Britney Spears who is basically going crazy hold up in a Malibu rehab facility.

"I would never let that happen to my daughters. Hopefully, her family will take care of the situation," Papa Joe Simpson said.

So basically, Britney's family should start following her EVER move and analyzing her jugs before the media.

If you ask me, that alone would drive anyone to drink! 

Read more about Britney Breakdown 2007 while you're here!

March 08, 2007

High profile Marine Cpl admits gay porn past

From gay porn star to Marine Corporal, that's the story for Matt Sanchez, also known in the gay porn world as Rod Majors or Pierre LaBranche.  His story came out this week, and in a day of "don't ask, don't tell" this could change how right-wing conservatives look at their boy wonder.

Cprl Sanchez told bloggers this past week that he is glad this has all come out in the open, but he pledges his past is somewhere he'll never go again.

"I've moved forward a lot and this past stuff is not something I want to drag into my future," Sanchez, 36, now a student at Columbia University, told blogger Joe.My.God.

"Boyfriends: 0; fiancées: 2; wife: 1. I'd say I'm pretty bad at being gay," Sanchez said.

So basically it is ok to act gay and take it up the butt, and as long as you aren't really gay then you can serve in the military and become a Republican poster boy.  Interesting how that works, isn't it? 

The 21st Century Fight


We have all been there. You have a great day with your significant other, and then you get a text message. You thought that steak dinner was delicious! You held hands in the movie. That good night kissed knocked you off your feet. What is that beep? A text, that says " I hate you". What is that about?

You ponder left and right. What could of gone wrong? So you call...NO RESPONSE! Then you get texts back. What is that about? How old are we again? And the cruel texts start. And then you sign online and you get nasty e-mails and instant messages. Yet everytime you call, no answer nothing but the sound of your beloved's voice mail.

Is technology hurting us? I was born in 1983 and the internet was not as prominent then as it is now. As a teenager aim was very new, and it was not used to hurt or insult. Just to make friends and keep in touch.

What is this new age argument? I am scared to learn what will be next. Divorce via myspace/instant/text message? I believe it's the matter of immediate response. It is not as if a text message travels faster then a phone call. In fact, it is bound to make the person more angry.

The end result here, the new methods of fighting is not a LOL matter. If you are not in the mood to talk things out, then wait until you are to fight. If you need to cool down, simply sign off and walk away.

Van Halen chooses rehab over tour

Those who were holding on to hope that the much anticipated Van Halen tour is just days away, give it up.

Eddie Van Halen has checked himself into rehab.  He released this statement:

"I would like Van Halen fans to know how much I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Without you there is no Van Halen.

I have always and will always feel a responsibility to give you my best. At the moment I do not feel that I can give you my best. That's why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110% that I feel I owe you and want to give you.

Some of the issues surrounding the 2007 Van Halen tour are within my ability to change and some are not. As far as my rehab is concerned, it is within my ability to change and change for the better. I want you to know that is exactly what I'm doing, so that I may continue to give you the very best I am capable of.

I look forward to seeing you in the future better than ever and
I thank you with all my heart. Love, Ed"

TMZ reports that Eddie won't be skipping out for shopping, lattes or even yoga like teen queen rehab superstars Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

James St. James: from nightclub icon to teen mentor?

James St. James paved the way for people like me to have a weekly show at a nightclub. Okay, so that was some Shameless Self Promotion, but it is a good opportunity to invite you to check out my show any Saturday night a Rush in NYC... but I digress.

James St. James was one of the leaders in the 'club kid' era in New York City, and yes - he's the same guy who was a guest judge on America's Next Top Model and a regular guest on the Tyra Banks show.  He's also the guy who was played by Seth Green in the movie Party Monster based on his book Disco Bloodbath.  Ok, fine he's the former friend of the killing club kid, Michael Alig.

As if a few appearances along side Tyra and ruling the NYC nightclub scene wasn't enough - now James St. James is lending a helping hand to teen drag queens.  Who else to hear it from than the head queen -- Micheal Musto.  You'll love it trust me.

I would totally review it myself, but I'm not really big on reading.  Maybe when I'm his age?  JUST KIDDING... I love James St. James.  Werk it out girl!

More evidence in Anna Nicole Smith death delays autopsy reports

Dr. Joshua Perper announced earlier this week that he would announce the cause of death for the late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith by Friday, however that is not the case anymore!

If you've been living under a rock or suffer from short-term memory loss, Smith died exactly one month ago on February 8th at a Seminole, Florida hotel and casino.

Perper has interviewed everyone close to the model with the exception of her shady doctor who perscribed the buxon blonde methadone while she was 8-months pregnant.  Dr. Sandeep Kapoor refused to speak with the medical examiner.

The examinar met with Seminole police on Wednesday, and they told Dr. Perper that they have more evidence that may change his conclusion.

However, Perper said it is unlikely but possible that he may change his conclusion based on the new evidence, so he agreed to postpone his official conclusion for a week or two.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death and the controversy surrounding it while you're here.

"Blues Traveler" John Popper arrested for weed and weapons

Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Tara Reid, George Michael, Justin Timberlake -- we know suspect that all of these celebs are big pot heads.  You've seen pics of them all either stoned off their asses, heard the rumors or even seen them passing the bowl.  Add "Blues Traveler" singer John Popper to the list.

He and his best friend were evidently crusing down the street hittin' a little wacky tobaccy when the cops pulled them over.  His friend was driving, but it was Popper's truck -- so they were both hauled in.  His friend also got a ticket for wreckless driving.

Cops said they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the SUV and found a small amount of pot and a marijuana pipe.   Of course they smoked the rest of it before they got pulled over - who wouldn't?!

Cops also discovered several hidden compartments where they found 14 weapons, a switchblade knife, a stun gun and night vision goggles. The SUV was also equipped with flashing emergency lights, a siren and public address equipment.  (How strange?!)

Popper says he's a gun collector.  LOL!

Could this be Anna Nicole Smith's Murderer?

Meet Dr. Sandeep Kapoor

According to HealthGrades.blog, Dr. Kapoor "practices Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine in North Hollywood and Studio City, California."  The website also says that he has been in the profession for 15 years and graduated from the Boston University School Of Medicine with a MD. 

What this website doesn't tell you is that Dr. Kapoor is also the same man who prescribed methadone to Anna Nicole Smith while she was pregnant. 

When later questioned about giving a pregnant woman a drug used to help heroine adicts recover, he said it was "medically sound and appropriate."

Now as it turns out, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor is the only man who refused to speak to Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward County Medical Examiner who is investing the cause of Anna Nicole's death.

Does this mean Dr. Sandeep is guilty of murdering Anna Nicole Smith?  Not necessarily.  But it does raise some questions about his judgment as a doctor.

Anna Nicole Smith seemed to live in a world of fantasy that invited just the right people to protect the fantasy world in which she lived.

Meanwhile, we await Dr. Perper's results and a court ruling to determine if Larry Birkhead or Howard K. Stern could either be the father of Anna Nicole's infant daughter, Dannielynn.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death and the controversy surrounding it while you're here.

Promiscious Idol wannabe voted off

Evidently America isn't feeling Antonella Barba as their Idol.  Barba has come under fire after some racy pictures of her nearly naked surfaced in the media.

Barba was once the most searched word on Google, and some Idol fans even protested saying she should be eliminated.

Thursday night, the voters took care of that.  Barba is headed back to New Jersey as her Idol run is over.

Something tells me she'll be on the cover of Playboy by the end of the year?  Hef... you ready?

Rumors have also surfaced that Girls Gone Wild is interested in having Barba on their next film as well.  This could really get interesting and add a whole new twist to the title, American Idol.

Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson says no to nude scenese, yes to Avon

Now that she's an Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson is at liberty to set her own terms.  That's exactly what she is doing.  Hudson nixed a $3 million role in a Warner Brothers film because of a nude scene, the kicker is -- Jennifer wouldn't have to get naked! 

The American Idol reject turned Dreamgirl says she is a role model and will never condone nudity by appearing in any flick that features a flash of the bare skin.

Jennifer, on the otherhand, has inked a deal as spokeswoman for Avon's Imari brand and new scent, Imari Seduction.

"This is an honor for me and very flattering," said Hudson, whose dreams of stardom appeared shattered when she finished seventh on the U.S. television talent show "American Idol" in 2004.

From Avon lady to Avon spokesperson!  It's amazing what can go down in one year's time!

Prison Break actor charged with manslaughter

Actor Lane Garrison, who played an inmate on the hit TV show "Prison Break" until he was killed off this season, was charged on Thursday with vehicular manslaughter in a car crash that killed a 17-year-old boy and injured two girls.

Garrison, who was charged with driving under the influence and giving alcohol to a minor, could face over six years in prison.

The 26-year-old actor was ordered to appear in court for an arraignment later on Thursday. Prosecutors say they will ask a judge to hold him on $200,000 bail.

Maybe celebrities really will be able to teach us NOT to drink and drive!!

CBS shakes up Kate Couric's Evening News. Who got fired?

Since Katie Couric has taken over at "the CBS Evening News", the ratings have failed to compare to NBC and ABC who are battling it out of over the top spot.

Now CBS execs are cleaning house, starting with the show's executive producer.  CBS has ousted Rome Hartman, who had been producer of the show since November 2005, starting under Couric's predecessor, Bob Schieffer.

Hartman will be replaced with Rick Kaplan, a multiple award-winning news producer and executive whose career in broadcast journalism spans more than 35 years with credits running MSNBC and CNN.

Couric joined the CBS Evening News at the personal invitation of CBS Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves leaving NBC's "Today" show where she had been the co-host for 15 years.  She attracted 7.5 million viewers last week, trailing NBC's 9.6 million and ABC's 9.4 million, according to Nielsen Media.

Ann Coulter doesn't know how to shut up

"I don't think there's anything offensive about any variation of faggy, faggotry, faggot, fag."

That's what Republican figure-head Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity on Tuesday's broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show. 

Coulter, of course, stuck her foot in her mouth by using the word faggot when referring to presidential hopeful John Edwards last week saying "you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot.' "

But evidently, Coulter - who knows EVERYTHING- says there isn't anything wrong with the word 'faggot'.  I suppose she probably uses the N-word too.

She's a bitch.  Even several conservative leaders have called on Coulter to apologize for her hate-filled remarks.

Captain America is dead, for now at least

Comic book fans from all over the globe were shocked to open up the new edition of Captain America on Wednesday to discover the all-American hero is dead.

When fans yesterday opened the infamous comic book, they discovered a shocking development: Captain America had been cut down by a sniper.

His sudden death prompted traffic jams at comic-book stores as fans rushed in to grab a potential collector's item.  The word of his death also upset loyal fans who have been following the character for their entires lives.

He first appeared in March 1941, punching out Adolf Hitler on the cover of a brand-new comic book. Ever since then, dressed in a red, white , and blue uniform and armed only with a shield, he has fought for liberty and justice for all.

However, executives at Marvel acknowledged death is not always the final answer in the superhero universe.

"This is the end of Steve Rogers, the meat and potatoes guy from 1941," Dan Buckley, president and publisher of publishing, Marvel Entertainment, told Reuters. "But Captain America is a costume, and there are other people who could take it over. He is iconic, and we're continuing the comic books," he added. But he declined to speculate who could step into the hero's 66-year-old boots."

Look what the soap opera world has done for characters across the board.

Madonna caught in a Britney-style car seat controversy

Trendsetting singer, Madonna has come under fire for failing to properly restrain her adopted 17-month-old child in a vehicle.

You'll remember that pop tart Britney Spears faced a smiliar controversy last year when she was seen driving with her first born son on her lap. 

Now, Madonna is under fire.  The material girl's son David was evidently photographed not strapped into a car seat.

The power family was seen leaving the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles earlier this, when they loaded their kids into their Escalade and forgot to strap little David into his carseat.

"There was no car seat. (Madonna) sat in the middle row, and they left with David on her lap," a witness told US Weekly.

Then on Wednesday, Madonna allegedly defied the law once again by sitting in the middle of the vehicle with six-year-old son Rocco not properly secured.

Madonna's reps say it ain't true!

"Proper security measures are always taken for Madonna's children."

Of course!

Anthony Lago contributed to this post.

Human Rights Campaign calls for stop to Ann Coulter

The Human Rights Campaign is firing back at right wing servant, Ann Coulter, after she used the word "faggot" while referring to Presidential candidate John Edwards.

As we told you earlier, some papers have already dropped the column.  Now, the HRC is asking you to write the big wigs at Universal Press to encourage them to drop Coulter all together.

Send a clear message to Lee Salem, Executive Vice President and Editor, Universal Press that providing a platform for Ann Coulter to spout anti-gay rhethoric by syndicating her column  must stop now.

Those interested are asked to send the text below in a letter to Mr. Salem

I respectfully write to you today asking that you no longer provide a platform for a person who has proven she will flippantly use hate speech for a cheap laugh.

As the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world, you have a responsibility to the American people, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, not to become a platform for this type of shameful discourse.

Please put a stop to her hateful speech by no longer carrying Ann Coulter as a syndicated columnist.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

You can send this letter directly from the HRC website.  Looks like this could be the first step to banning the "F-Word."

Timerlake & Timbaland want to help Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have made a good duo working together, so good that they're willing to take a big risk -- on Justin's ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

My fag hag will DIE if they get back together.  I think she's running an online petition or something, but I digress...

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Timbaland said he felt Spears' "pain" and admitted he is "the type of person who tries to save the world."  At this point it might be easier to save the rest of the world.

Timbaland is in talks with Justin Timberlake to help his plans to bring Spears, a former pop superstar back to #1. 

"I just want to hold her hand," Timbaland says. "I want her to be in my camp, to be around Justin. I need Justin to talk to her. Help her, please!" 

As always, Justin will do whatever Timbaland says and has agree to help.

Meanwhile rumors continue to circulate that Britney Spears is struggling to stay in treatment at the Promises Rehab Center in Malibu.

Comeback probability at this point:  Possible.

March 07, 2007

Jolie-Pitts pick out a boy!

In about three months or so, it will be two boys and two girls for team Jolie-Pitt.  E! News is reporting that Angelina Jolie has picked out a Vietnamese baby boy to add to her "soccer team" in the making with boyfriend Brad Pitt (in his own words).

Just days after we first told you that Jolie had filed papers through a U.S. agency to adopt a child from the southeast Asian country, Vu Duc Long, director of Vietnam's International Adoption Agency, confirmed they have picked a boy.

A Vietnamese official announced Wednesday that Angelina Jolie is in the process of adopting a three- or four-year-old boy she chose to add to her burgeoning family during a recent trip to the Tam Binh orphanage.

Pitt will likely later apply for adoption rights as he did with Jolie's other adopted children, Maddox and Zahara.

Ann Coulter's Column Dropped

At least three newspapers have dropped conservative Ann Coulter's column as a result of Coulter's use of the word 'faggot' to describe presidential hopeful John Edwards, Editor & Publisher reported Wednesday.

The decisions by the Oakland Press of Michigan, The Mountain Press of Sevierville, Tennessee and the Lancaster New Era (Pennsylvania) are the first indication that Coulter's remarks are not going over well, in either conservative and liberal circles.

Maybe 2007 is the year of the gay!

No international food delivery for Kanye West

Earlier this week, chef Kaysor Ahmed of British Raj restaurant, located in Wales told the media that he would be flying to the US to deliver an order for rapper Kanye West.

In great detail, Ahmed explained how he would prepare the food, pack it in dry ice and accompany it on a plane to New York.  Kanye says he doesn't know anything about it.

Was it a prank or a publicity stunt?

 "There is no meeting in New York. There never has been," the rapper's spokesman Gabe Tesoriero said Tuesday, according to AP. Tesoriero called the story "patently false."

The resturant confirms that the meal is en route, and the $3900 bill has been paid for by a promotion company called Raw Soul

Kanye's reps say he won't even be in New York on Wednesday, and that the food is definitely not intended for him.

Rosie O'Donnell slams American Idol

Rosie O'Donnell went off on "American Idol" this morning on "The View," saying that "Idol" canned former contestant Frenchie Davis for her breast-baring snapshots, but kept current wannabe Antonella Barba despite having some racey photos of her own. [watch the video]

Rosie says it is because Davis is black and plus-sized and Barba is, according the general social consensus, more attractive.

Anna Nicole Smith's sex tape scandal

Sex tapes seem to be the thing to do if you can't live without more publicity, but what happens if your sex tape leaks after you're dead?

Anna Nicole Smith's former lover Mark Hatten who is currently in prison for terrorizing the former Playboy model says he and Smith recorded a sex tape that he is worried may leak to the media. 

Evidently Hatten wrote to Anna Nicole's estranged mother Virgie Arthur and pleaded that she try to get her hands on the video before it leaks.  Hatten is worried that the video is one of the items that may have been stolen from Smith's Bahamian mansion in the days following her death.

In the letters acquired by TMZ.blog, Hatten writes, "it must be destroyed."  He also adds that Anna was "against (hardcore) pornography."

Kylie Minogue songs leaked, record label tries to recover

There's been a bit of controversy surrounding some new songs that have surfaced this week said to be future releases by international pop superstar Kylie Minogue.  A Kylie insider tells gaysocialites.blog that the songs, Excuse My French and When The Cat's Away, infact WERE recorded by Kylie and are new songs, not old demos as her record label claims.

After the tracks started showing up on forums and websites like this one, Kylie's label reps quickly denied that the person singing was actually Kylie. 

"In a panic at the leakage of this new material they informed all parties questioning the song that it was actually an "Old demo" and that in fact it wasn't Kylie singing," our insider tells us.

If its not Kylie, then who is it?  According to her record label, Parlophone, it was a session singer.  That's when a demo is recorded with a 'stand-in' singer to sound like the intended artist so the song can be considered for the album.

"Whilst this session singer sound-a-like process is actually common practice in the demo process of big artists in this instance it is not the case," according to our source.  "The leaked Excuse My French that you hear is very much Kylie's vocals and very much a new and real demo, recorded in 2006. It is not her new comeback single but it is indeed new material recorded as part of the demo sessions process for her forthcoming album, currently being labelled as Kylie X."

But can this brainwashing work?  According to our insider, a Kylie Minogue and music expert...

"Many fans, after hearing they "weren't Kylie" then went on to convince themselves they never thought it was her in the first place. This is how throwing a fake spanner into the works can often confuse people and lead them to actually believe whatever yarn they are being spun."

Our source who is very close to camp Kylie very confidently said, "it can be confirmed, both Excuse My French and When The Cat's Away are indeed genuine Kylie demos and are also, indeed, new material."

Meanwhile, the record label is still shuffling to find out how the material leaked and is attempting to prevent future distribution.

Vote on 1Zone

Kylie's sex secrets for sale

Kylie Minogue, who dated the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence in the 90s, is devastated after discovering that Michael's brother Rhett is selling a sexy fax sent to her in 1990.

"This is a fax Michael wrote and sent to Kylie on September 19, 1990. I have a similar, yet raunchier one I'll keep, yet this real slice of history could be yours," Rhett wrote on Ebay.

The fax contains steamy details about Kylie and Michael's sex life. 

In a day before the internet was what it is today, the duo is said to have kept their relationship alive with racy faxes and phone calls when they were apart.

Bobby Brown Pays Back

According to TMZ.blog, Hot 99.5 FM has revealed that Bobby Brown gave back the cash they paid the singer to appear on "The Kane Show" for a week.

Brown used the money, more than $19,000, to bail himself out of a Massachusetts jail. 

The station claims that the former New Edition singer broke the agreement ten minutes into the deal when he hung up during an on-air phone interview on Friday, and never called back.

Star Jones got a job!

According to TMZ.blog, Court TV has announced it has signed Star Jones Reynolds to host her own show about criminal justice intersecting with pop culture.
So basically, she's doing "Celebrity Justice," a show produced by Telepictures from 2002 through 2005.

Oh, all I remember was the horrible theme music. Hopefully, Star won't make an ass out of herself like she did on "The View" before they finally kicked her ass to the curb.

Kylie Watch: Kylie is just too cute

It's no secret that I LOVE KYLIE MINOGUE.  For me, it's not just about her music.  I admire her 'can-do' attitude and the fact that she's just so personable.

I came across these pictures at WENN, this series of pics is nothing more than Kylie getting out of a car and stopping to pet a cat; but I guarantee it will make you warm and fuzzy all over!

Will Howard K. Stern be charged with killing Anna Nicole Smith?

Many people have ridiculed me and other bloggers for insinuating that Howard K. Stern could have murdered Anna Nicole Smith.  We may not be too far off.

Smith's bodyguard talked to the Florida's Seminole Police Department on Wednesday about the circumstances surrounding her death, according to TMZ.blog.

Cops went to the house of "Big Moe" on Wednesday morning in Pembroke Pines, FL because they have questions about the security camera video at the hotel where Smith died.

Big Moe allegedly told the cops that Smith was on "heavy doses" of prescription drugs the day she died, including flu medicine and antibiotics.  Sources also told TMZ that Moe told the cops that in the months leading up to Smith's death, Stern gave her "some types of drugs," though he didn't specifically know which. As he put it, "Anna was in a cloud."

This is Howard K. Stern may be charged with killing Anna Nicole Smith.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.

Was Anna Nicole Smith's son murdered?

Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel Wayne, died in a Bahamian hospital room while visiting his mother who had just given birth. 

It took the world by surprise.  Daniel was always portrayed as "the good kid" on their reality program "The Anna Nicole Smith" show on E!  However, his autopsy reports say he died of a lethal mix of two prescription drugs, methadone and lexapro.  Methadone is used to treat heroin addicts and increasingly used as a recreational drug.  Lexapro is an anti-depressant.

How did the good guy die of an overdose?  Is it possible that he wasn't as straight-laced as we all thought?  Or was he murdered? 

Anna Nicole's estranged mother says someone killed Daniel Wayne.  Speaking as if she has seen the toxicology results (and I don't know if she has), Virgie Arthur told the Sun: “It was murder. The levels of drugs in his body are way too high. Someone has to pay.”

Shortly after Daniel's death and prior to Anna Nicole's, Virgie Arthur told the media she suspected that Howard K. Stern had killed Daniel to clear a path to Anna Nicole's millions coming her way from the estate of her late husband J. Howard Marshall.

Bahamian authorities are investigating Daniel Wayne Smith's death.

Is Britney Spears leaving rehab?

Remember when we told you that Britney Spears had gone wacko in rehab and tried to kill herself?  We'll now, after only two weeks of treatment; she's had enough.  Evidently the pop tart wants out!  US Weekly is reporting that the rehab doctors are "in shock at what bad shape she's in."

Their source says she is getting in "tons of trouble" and is ready to leave the Promises facility.

"She's convinced she's suffering from postpartum depression and does not think she has an alcohol or drug problem," the source says. "She's angry at her family and her manager for pressuring her to enter the program. She feels she was ambushed."

The former singer has been reprimanded for making cellphone calls, has left the facility to go shopping, and now she wants to leave rehab for good.

Comeback probability at this point:  Unlikely.

Robbie Williams checks out of rehab early

Singer Robbie Williams ignored the advice of those administering his treatment and left rehab one week early.  The 'Feel' singer checked into rehab in Arizona three weeks and was expected to stay for a month.  His doctors advised him not to leave, but Robbie bailed anyway.

His reps say he is fine!

"Robbie has completed treatment in Arizona and continues with an after-care programme in Los Angeles," they said.

PerezHilton.blog is reporting that Robbie hit the clubs right after leaving the facility.

Starting today, Robbie is under the care of his mother Jan who is also a drug and alcohol rehab counselor.

British singer says she turned down Kylie Minogue's Provocateur Ad

British pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor says she turned down the chance to appear in the now infamous Kylie Minogue Agent Provacateur advertisement, because she thought it was too "pornographic."

In the ad (watch above), Kylie sat atop a bucking horse in nothing but her underwear and faked an orgasm for the British lingerie company in 2002.

Ellis-Bextor says she doesn't regretting turning down the ad, and that the script scared her off. 

 "The whole point of that ad was to give blokes an erection," she said. "I thought if some girl was on TV insinuating that she's done that to my boyfriend, I wouldn't like it."

Hmm, seems like someone needs some publicity for the new album she's about to start hocking.

March 06, 2007

Former White House Aide found guilty for lying

Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the former chief of staff to Veep Dick Cheney, was found guilty of lying and obstructing the investigation into the 2003 leak of Valerie Plame's identity to reporters. Her husband is a prominent Iraq war critic.

Prosecutors said he discussed Plame's name with reporters and, fearing prosecution, made up a story to cover his tracks.  Libby's defence team said he learned about Plame from Cheney, forgot about it, then learned it again a month later from Tim Russert, on NBC. 

Scooter faces up to 30 years in prison, though under federal sentencing guidelines he is likely to spend a lot less time locked up. 

The bigger picture is that this could only be the beginning of charges brought against George Bush, Dick Cheney and their White House regime.

Cheney is pissed and released a statement about it...

"I am very disappointed with the verdict. I am saddened for Scooter and his family," Cheney said, "As I have said before, Scooter has served our nation tirelessly and with great distinction through many years of public service," he added in a statement.

Who's next?

Gossip at Parliment, Prince William's getting hitched!

Those British Parliment members sure are a bunch of gossips!  The hold farts told the London Evening Standard that Prince William has revealed his plans to marry his girlfriend Kate Middleton. 

A House of Commons select committee also told the newspaper that Wills talks freely of his marriage plans.

However, the prince's PR people vikings over at the castle say it ain't true.

 "Prince William has no plans to get engaged."

That's the statement.  Wills and Kate met at St. Andrews University in 2003 and have been dating since.

Anna Nicole Smith's cause of death

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department is expected to release the cause of death of Anna Nicole Smith by the end of the week.

I have wondered why it would take so long to release the cause of death, especially for someone in such a high profile position.  Today, I have learned that the medical examiners claim to still be running tests to determine not only the cause of death, but also "the manner of death."

The manner of death?  Could that mean we may know more about the possibility of foul play or does that mean she definitely had an overdose.

I guess we will all know this week!  Meanwhile, the paternity of her now 6-month old daughter Dannielynn is still unknown.  Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern are evidently negotiating a deal that may put a quick end to the court battles.

South Park goes HD only on Xbox

Comedy Central has teamed up with Xbox Live to release the first high definition South Park episode for free to Xbox 360 owners.

Starting March 7th, South Park fans who are also have an Xbox with a subscription to Xbox Live will be able to head on down to South Park in HD with the launch of the episode "Good Times With Weapons."

Don't have an Xbox or a subscription to Xbox Live?  Maybe you should head over to Best Buy and pick up an Xbox.  If you do, they'll give you the HD episode free on DVD to take with you!  How nice!

The rest of us will just have to wait.

Did Kylie Minogue have work done? Her fans say 'no way!'

Pop singer Kylie Minogue is known for her sweet voice, bubbly personality and perky smile; but some bloggers have been saying that its thanks to a few nips, stretches and tucks.  These photos below have popped up on recent blogs showing Kylie with a tightly stretched, wrinkle free face.
As it turns out, the photos were doctored.  After spotting the pictures on several blogs, the fans at the SayHey Kylie forum managed to dig up the original photos so the world can see that Kylie is still... Kylie.
Kylie, of course, won her battle with cancer and is now back at modeling, singing and hopefully coming to perform in the US very soon!

No more Spider-man for Tobey?

It looks like Tobey Maguire is ready to hang up his tights now that the third installment of Spider-Man is in the can.

In an interview on the set of his new movie, The Good German, he told Australia's The Courier-Mail that this could be the end of the road. 

"To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up because we have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie," he said. "It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end."

This isn't the first time that Tobey threatened to leave.  He discussed leaving before Spider-Man 2, but when he heard Jake Gyllenhaal might replace him he changed his mind.

Federline says he shaved his head for Britney Spears

Kevin Federline must be getting tired of ramen noodles and Wal-mart underwear, because he's doing everything he can to make sure Britney Spears recovers in rehab. 

In public display of empathy for his wife, Federline has shaved his head.  K-Fed was overheard blabbing to some friends that he went bald to support Britney's new look. 

The Sun spoke with some of their friends to find out that they most likely will get back together when Britney's clean...

"He said he still loves her," The Sun quoted a Federline pal as saying.

Evidently Britney feels the same way.  According to her friends, she wants to get back together and have more Federline babies.

"Britney has realized what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently. She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him. She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage," Brits friends said.

Federline was evidently a driving force behind Britneys third attempt at rehab.  Who knew it would turn out this way? We may have been expecting to say that Britney is supporting Kevin in rehab, but most of us didn't expect it to play out this way!

I'm starting to wonder if a comeback is even possible, I mean, she isn't Whitney Houston!

Read more about Britney Breakdown 2007 while you're here!

Diddy sued for hitting fellow partier!

Sean "Diddy" Combs is being sued for hitting a man at an after party held on the night of the Oscars.  We first told you about this story in February when TMZ.blog reported that a man alleges that Diddy hit him when he asked his girlfriend to simply get the hell out of dodge.

Diddy was celebrating the Academy Awards at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood when he and the boys met a lady.  The problem started when "the lady's" boyfriend, Gerard Rechnitzer, came back from the toilet to find her surrounded by Diddy's posse.  He wanted to leave, but since her drunk ass was chillin' with Diddy - she didn't want to budge! 

Her boyfriend insisted that she go, and when he wouldn't give up -- Diddy knocked him right in the face. 

Rechnitzer filed a lawsuit against the rapper and music mogul at Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. The 27-year-old is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages for the incident.

Diddy's attorneys say the case won't hold up in court.

“Mr. Combs did not hit anyone and Mr. Rechnitzer suffered no injuries or damages whatsoever,” said a Combs attorney, Benjamin Brafman. “There is no case. It is that simple.” 

I dunno Diddy, they've got a Naomi picking up trash in NYC.  Anything is possible!

Naomi Campbell: the supermodel forced to mop NYC's floors!

New York City "made an example" with Boy George this fall by making him clean up garbage as a part of his sentence for drug possession.  Now, the city will utilize another celebrity to get some chores done.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell will be mopping floors that the New York Sanitation Department on March 19.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that Campbell had been assigned to mop floors with other community service workers at a Sanitation Department warehouse in Manhattan. A court official confirmed the story but declined further comment.

Campbell was sentenced to community service as punishment for throwing her mobile phone at her housekeeper, she'll be cleaning for five-days.

Too bad we won't be able to stand around and laugh like we did with Boy George!

What does the Real World have to do with the Lance/ Reichen break-up?

What does the Real World have to do with the Lance Bass/ Reichen Lehmkuhl break-up?

Two words:  Davis Mallory.  Mallory is the token gay (who makes out with the girls) on the Real World: Denver currently airing on MTV.

Evidently, Mallory was seen canoodling with Reichen in Atlanta last month before Lance gave his muscle stud the boot.  Now, Mallory is trying to clear his name on his blog.

I did meet Reichen in Atlanta in early January at a night club. We spent the evening talking and left with a large group of friends to an after party. During the evening Reichen made it clear that he and Lance had already broken up. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and so was under the impression we were both two single guys. So what's so wrong with that?

I was asked by Life and Style to give any "juicy" details, but I chose only to give the simple statement that "I honestly can't believe this has escalated to the point where they split up." What I meant by that statement was that I can't believe Reichen and Lance were even still dating at this point. I can't believe this story about Reichen and I in Atlanta is now the one that is causing them to break up.

Wow, a bit self indulging don't you think?  Notice how he doesn't deny that he is the reason they broke up, he just says he can't believe he is the reason.

What do Reichen and Davis have in common?  They're both reality stars whose only hope at fame is to date a celeb... not a good match for each other I don't think.

K-Fed skips town with the kids, plans birthday bashes

While mom's in rehab, dad and the boys are going to Vegas.  That's right, it's true, Kevin Federline has taken his two sons on vacation while Britney Spears is recovering at Promises in Malibu!!

According to People magazine, Federline took 18-month-old Sean Preston and 6-month-old Jayden James with him while travelling to Las Vegas, where he was due to make an appearance at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Federline is also planning his own birthday bash in Vegas and inviting his "fans" to come on down!  Here's how:

Party Like a Celebrity at Kevin Federline's Private Birthday Bashes in Los Angeles & Vegas!

You search the web every day, now you can win ultra VIP party invites doing it. Kevin Federline is offering fans who search the web at www.searchwithkevin.blog an exclusive chance to win tickets to his private birthday bashes in Los Angeles (March 21) and Las Vegas (March 24).

Each day a handful of winning times are chosen at random. If you do the first search after this selected time, you win a prize or sweepstakes entry - instantly. The more sweepstakes entries you earn, the better chance you have of winning the grand prize party tickets. www.searchwithkevin.blog requires no registration. Simply use www.searchwithkevin.blog every day just like you would use any search engine. Sweepstakes and instant prize winners are selected every few hours. The 10 grand prize winners (+ guests) will be announced on March 19th. 25 runner-up winners will also receive autograph photos, while T-shirts will be awarded as 'instant-win' prizes. Contest winners need to provide their own travel and accommodations. See www.searchwithkevin.blog for rules and regulations.

Federline's posse tells the media that he's playing it low key and tucking the boys in each night.  Meanwhile, who the hell would want to go to his birthday party?

Does he really have fans?

Springer's 'Got Talent'

If you liked NBC's freakshow version of "American Idol" called "America's Got Talent," then you're going to love it this season.  Trashy talk show icon Jerry Springer will replace Regis Philben as the ringmaster of this talent circus.

The network released the news on Monday in a press release saying...

“To say the least, he is known for presiding over an unpredictable show where the unexpected is the typical order of each day.”

Springer, of course, hosted his namesake talk show, “The Jerry Springer Show” for 16 years and most recently appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC.

Regis Philbin hosted the talent show during its first season.  The New York-based star of “Live with Regis and Kelly” decided not to return to “America’s Got Talent” because of the “heavy travel schedule” involved with the show’s tapings in Los Angeles.

This is going to be good!  Wonder who they'll replace Brandy with if she goes to jail?

March 05, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith corpse photos: real or fake?

The National Enquirer ran these photos of what they seemingly admitted were fake photos or "enhanced images" of corpse that could be Anna Nicole Smith.  But today, the New York Post has a tipster who says the photos weren't fake at all.

One New York Post source says '"The photos were real... They were taken with a cell phone. The Enquirer had to say that they were fake to protect their source. There are only a couple people who had that kind of access to the body."

That means if this is true, then someone had to pull the refridgerated remains of the dead supermodel out and snapped a picture with their phone.  Either way, its extremely distasteful.

The Jolie-Pitts enjoy their new diggs


Brad Pitt is totally one of the hottest people alive, as is his girlfriend Angelina Jolie... so it is only logical that Shiloh is just as freakin' gorgeous as her parents.

She and dad are spotted goofing around on his movie set in New Orleans.

Shiloh and dad were spotted with mom and sister Zahara taking a stoll and enjoying their new home town of New Orleans.

Have you ever seen a pretty group of people?!  Gorgeous!

Senator Clinton reaches out to gays

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton told the Human Rights Campaign in an unplublicized speech that she wants a partnership with gays if elected president.

Clinton also said she opposes the ``don't ask, don't tell'' policy pertaining to gays in the military that was instituted during Mr. Clinton's presidency.  Before that, gays were stictly prohibited from serving in the military at all.

This is the first effort from any Democratic presidential candidate to reach out to the LGBT community.  Republican contender Rudy Guiliani, on the other hand, openly supports gay marriage.

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What are the odds?

         What are the odds? Play the lotto, cross your fingers and knock on wood. Maybe it will higher your odds. If you are not lucky, you may lose. What is the lesson here you ask? When we enter a relationship, what are our odds? When we meet that girl or boy of our dreams are we for sure it’s forever?

            An average relationship can become bumpy at anytime. Maybe your partner lost his/her romantic touch? Or you start to lose that passion when you kiss. Well what happens when a couple is in love and one states he/she is really gay or really straight? What are those odds? How often does this happen? When I was a teenager I had my first boyfriend. He was the love of my life and he is still my best friend. But at 23 I didn’t know that men meant nothing to me in that department.  And the ones I felt that real connection with, wanted to do some department shopping of their own.

         Can you roll that dice and choose your outcome? In some relationships, a man may Marry a woman and later find out he is attracted to men. This can apply both ways. Some Transgender people live a life of lies to have the family they always dreamed of. Who is to blame? I would first point fingers at society. Depending on the society you come from, gay, transgender, and bisexual is as foreign as dating someone of a different race. Children in these families are often told they will be disowned if they choose this path. Don’t even get me started on the choice issue, but would one really pick to walk down that path of discrimination? If the grass is greener on the so called “other side”, then why travel on that snowy path?

        The end result, is it possible for ones sexuality to change? Is your preference determined before the game begins? Or are you given several rolls at that dice? Only you can decide this. The real answer, only believe what you personally feel. Your life is lived and only played by you.

Anna Nicole Smith's mother requests to have Daniel Smith exhumed

Rumors surfaced late last week that Anna Nicole Smith's first husband Billy Smith wanted to have their son's body moved to their home state of Texas.

Anna Nicole's mother Virgie Arthur filed a request in a Bahamian court to have Daniel Wayne Smith exhumed and relocated on Billy's behalf.

Daniel died late last year while visiting his mother after the birth of his sister Dannielynn.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.

George Michael first artist to play new Wimbley

George Michael will be the first artist to play in the new Wimbley stadium. 

Gay George will take the stage on June 9th to mark the end of construction after 7 years of work to build a 90,000 seat stadium.

Georgie has marked some memorable performances at Wembley including Live Aid in 1985, Wham's farewell concert with Andrew Ridgeley in 1986, the Nelson Mandela concert in 1998 and the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in 1992.

Kate Moss is ready to marry her druggie boyfriend

Supermodel Kate Moss and her singer boyfriend Pete Doherty have announced they want to get married as soon as possible!

"I just want to be with my boyfriend. He's wild, crazy, but he's cool," Kate said after last week's NME Awards. "We want a special wedding and we don't want to do it here, there's too much shit here. Somewhere small and out of the way would be cool. We can't wait, it will be beautiful," and Pete added.

Tabloids are also reporting that they got into a fight later that night when Doherty tried to get into the nose candy.  The two have publicly battled Pete's drug problems nearly as long as they have been a couple.

Pete's former band mate, Carl Barat has revealed he will be the best man. 

Singer Jared Leto gets mobbed, breaks nose

Jared Leto has a broken nose after being mobbed at a concert while he was performing in El Paso with his band, 30 Second to Mars.

The "Fight Club" actor turned singer 'hit' the crowd to during one of his performances and evidently his fans decided to 'hit' back.

As a result, he suffered a broken nose and minor injuries to his foot, face and body.

"In all my 25 years of producing shows this was one of the scariest moments I have seen. We all hope Jared has a speedy recovery," said tour manager Kevin Lyman.

Despite his injuries, Leto finished the concert and declared it one of his best ever! 

Hurley and new hubby arrive in India for more wedding parties

Actress Elizabeth Hurley and her new hubby Arun Nayar have arrived in Mumbai to kick off six days of wedding celebrations.  This follows two weddings on Friday and Saturday in the UK.

Media and fans swarmed the couple shortly after they landed at the Mumbai airport.  The newly weds will fly to Jodhpur for a traditional Indian wedding later this week.

Liz and Arun have been dating since 2003.

Judge questions Diana & Dodi conspiracy claims, decides witnesses


Mohamed al Fayed was challenged on Monday to produce evidence to back up his claim that his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales, died as the result of a plot involving the royal family.

The judge said she had not been given "a shred of evidence" about any of the allegations that the Harrods' boss has made about the Diana's death.

A preliminary hearing to decide what witnesses to call at the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and is taking place Monday.

Kanye West wants his curry in a hurry!

Rapper Kanye West is known for splurging every chance he gets, but this might be taking it a little too far.

Evidently, Kanye is having a $19 USD meal flown in from Wales to making it a $3900 USD meal.  The chef will fly with the mean from Wales to London then from London to the US. 

Now that's what I call living in style!

Exclusive listen to Kylie Minogue's new album

Could it be?  Yes, it could be a sample of Kylie Minogue's new album!!

The working title is Kylie X, but that will probably change as her previous album, Body Language, had the working title, City Games. (Which happens to be a b-side to the body language album).

The name of the new track is "Excuse My French," and it was produced by Jewels & Stone & Rob Davis.  Enjoy!

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Can't see the player? Don't worry, click here to listen!

UPDATE: I have just discovered that this is NOT a single from Kylie's new album, but a demo that was recorded then rejected by her record label, Parlophone in 2006.

March 04, 2007

Mariah Carey says she comes from a 'handicapped' upbringing

The number one selling female recording artist of all time Mariah Carey says her rough upbrining was a 'handicap' in her success.

Mariah says she struggled to become a singer, because she was raised in a poor one-parent family.

Mariah told Britain's Hello magazine: "I feel like I came from a handicapped place. To have grown up in a single parent home, to be bi-racial, to not have any money, to have to fight to succeed. "No-one but my mom believed in me. First, you have to have faith and then you have to act. And that is what I have always done."

She did, however, said her difficult upbringing made her more determined to succeed.

In the same interview Mariah says she isn't in any hurry to have kids.

"What I want is to have children in a good way, with the right husband, with the right family life," she adds. And on the subject of children, she hopes she'd only get pregnant when she was in wedlock "But who knows? Five years from now I might get hysterical and say, 'I have to have kids!' But I don't think so."

Carey also said she regrets marrying Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola and wouldn't do it again, even if he did help make her a star.

Go ahead Mariah!

Associated Press experiments with Paris Hilton ban

The Associated Press (AP) is basically a household name.  They're the people who supply tens of thousands of news outlets with the latest breaking news.

Starting on February 19th, the editors at the AP decided to ban any stories on heiress socialite Paris Hilton. 

During the week of the AP's ban, her name still managed to show up in a few articles; but Paris didn't headline any stories coming from the wire service.

A few days before, the AP had written from Austria about Hilton's appearance at the Vienna Opera ball, just ahead of her 26th birthday. We didn't cover her weekend birthday bash in Las Vegas.

During "blackout week," the AP didn't mention Hilton's second birthday party at a Beverly Hills restaurant, at which a drunken friend reportedly was ejected by security after insulting Paula Abdul and Courtney Love. However, her name did slip into copy unintentionally three times, as background: in stories about Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, and even in the lead of a story about Democrats in Las Vegas.

Paris worked VERY hard to get her name back on the AP, but failed to do so before the ban was lifted after reaching the week long goal.  One day after ban was over, however, Hilton was arrested for driving on a suspended license. 

She probably slept well that night knowing that she could still get her name picked up the AP though.

'Wild Hogs' rule the box office

Slap me silly and call me a hog! Who knew a bunch of washed-up middle-agers could take over movie theatres this weekend?!

The biker buddy comedy "Wild Hogs" has taken the top spot at the box office this week taking in over $38 million.

It was also the largest-ever debut for one of the movie's stars John Travolta as well as the best non-animated movie debut for another star Tim Allen.

The movie also stars William H. Macy and Martin Lawrence.

Not only did these tough gays guys take the top spot, but according the Associated Press -- no other flick even came close.

The No. 2 movie was the thriller "Zodiac," which debuted with $13.1 million. "Ghost Rider" fell to No. 3 in its third week of release with $11.5 million, "Bridge to Terabithia" was fourth with $8.6 million, and "The Number 23" dropped to fifth with $7.1 million in its second week.

Britney Spears goes crazy in rehab, on suicide watch

Tabloid newspapers across the world are reporting today that Britney Spears is slipping in rehab, and that the former pop singer is under suicide watch tonight.

According to the rags, Spears is claiming to be "the Antichrist", has written 666 on her bald head and runs uncontrollably through the halls of the Promises Clinic.  C'mon people, she rented the whole wing.  Isn't that what she should be doing?  But wait, it gets worse...

After her psychotic jog, reports say Spears went back to her room and tried to commit suicide with a bed sheet.  Luckily, they also report that she was unharmed.

I am actually starting to feel sorry for her now.  Should we print 'Save Britney' t-shirts now?  I am still scared to think that Kevin Federline may have been the logical one in this duo.

NYC's gay council leader snubs parade for Dublin celebration

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn won't be marching in the Big Apple's St. Patrick's Day parade as usual out of protest.  I admire Speaker Quinn for refusing to participate in the parade, because its organizers refuse to allow gay and lesbian groups to march. 

This year, Speaker Quinn will march in Dublin Ireland's parade.  Quinn is an Irish-American and is the first openly gay council speaker.  She was personally invited by officials in Dublin.  She along with other city council members will join the lord mayor of Dublin, the speaker of the Lower House of the Irish Parliament, and Dublin City Council members for the celebration.

"My participation in Dublin's parade is also an opportunity to march openly as a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, something we have not been able to do in New York City," Quinn said in a statement Sunday. "I hope my participation in the Dublin march will send a message about the importance of inclusion."

Other city officials like Mayor Bloomberg have also been known to snub the parade for this same reason. 

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I HEARD... Mexico is pissed over their gay boy band member...

I HEARD that Mexican Catholics are all in an uproar over one of their highly popular boy banders coming out of the closet.  I'm surprised anyone ever thought he was straight.  One look at Christian Chavez, and you know he's a 'mo... gaydar or no!  

Chavez is one of six members of a Mexican pop band called RBD.   It's like the equivalent of Lance Bass coming out in America, really. 

He came out after a gossip blog released pictures of Chavez in a commitment ceremony with his male partner in Canada.

I HEARD that Catholic priests were encouraged to work homosexuality into their sermons today at churches across the tiny country.

Fuck that!  The gay "disease" is coming, Mexico.  Brace yourself.  Before you know it you'll be a fabulous little country.  AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Angela Hacker wins Nashville Star

Yes, it's true... I really don't watch the show Nashville Star, but I did get a press release today saying that Angela Hacker, a 29-year-old single mother from Muscle Shoals, Ala., is the latest winner of the talent competition.

Congratulations Angela.  I drove through Muscle Shoals, Ala once and had my picture made with a sign... but I digress. 

Hacker beat out these two guys pictured here with her on Thursday night's season finale of the USA Network program.  One of which is his brother Zac Hacker (pictured beside of Angela). 

Angela won a pickup truck (I'm serious) and a recording contract.

Her debut album will be released on April 3.   I would have to assume it will be released on the country charts.

Clinton and Obama go head-to-head over southern black voters

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barak Obama were both in Alabama this weekend hoping to build speed for their presidential bids by gaining the support of black southern voters.

The democratic candidates were in Alabama to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Selma voting rights march, that led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act. On that day in 1965, police attacked over 500 protesters with tear gas and batons as they marched from Selma to Montgomery to enforce Gov. George Wallace's ban on such demonstrations.

Both Clinton and Obama gave thanks to the bloody march on Selma saying without that pivotal moment in history, they wouldn't be campaigning today.

Obama talked about his African father who visited America and met his white mother whose ancestors once owned slaved.

"They looked at each other and they decided, 'We know that, in the world as it has been, it might not be possible for us to get together and have a child, but something is stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across the bridge. And so they got together, and Barack Obama Jr. was born," he told the crowd. "So don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma, Alabama," Obama added. "Don't tell me I'm not coming home when I come to Selma, Alabama. I'm here because somebody marched for our freedom. I'm here because y'all sacrificed for me. I stand on the shoulders of this."

Senator Clinton, the democratic front-runner, took the stage a few moments later and recognized Obama and the other minority opponents as she too gave thanks to Selma, AL.

"The Voting Rights Act gave more Americans from every corner of our nation the chance to live out their dreams. And it is the gift that keeps on giving," Clinton said. "Today it is giving Sen. Obama the chance to run for president of the United States. And by its logic and spirit, it is giving the same chance to Gov. Bill Richardson, a Hispanic, and, yes, it is giving me that chance, too." She added, "I know where my chance came from, and I am grateful to all of you who gave it to me."

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), one of the leaders of the Selma march, said the competition for black voters between the senators is "a very difficult position to be in, but it's a good position to be in." "We have choices," Lewis added.

With still over a year and a half left until the presidential election, the democrats are hoping to look like a unified team while presenting many options to take back the White House in 2008.

Sunday Morning Gospel: What we have learned from Anna Nicole Smith's death

The Sunday Morning Gospel is our way of tying life's lessons to pop culture in hopes that we can all live, laugh and learn!

Today we're looking back at what we can all learn from the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Here's some advise based on Anna Nicole's controversy after she died on February 8th in Broward County, FL of causes still unknown.

1.  Its all coming out after you die.
I don't mean to sound morbid or to scare the shit out of everyone, but all of those little secrets you have now are coming out after you die, such as; methadone addictions, who your baby's daddy really is, crazy videos, scandalous pictures, etc.  So either hide it VERY well or don't do it all.

2.  Tie up your loose strings, don't procrastinate.
If you have pending items that you have been putting off, I advise you to get off your ass and get it done.  If you don't make these decisions now, someone else will make them for you after you croak.  For example, if you aren't sure whether or not you're a citizen of the US or the Bahamas, trot yourself down to the immigration office and figure it out!  We aren't all former models turned reality stars.  If you're a nobody and an illegal alien the government might put your body in a box and mail it to your homeland.  Or as another example, if you're only somewhat married; you need to get an official stamp on it ASAP!  If not, your significant other may not have any rights after you are gone.  If you're gay and your state doesn't recognize gay marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership... see also #5.

3. You can run but you can't hide.
If you're running from something or someone (i.e. the real father of you 5-month old baby), you gotta get them off your back sooner or later.  From the looks of the way things have turned out for Anna Nicole Smith, later is waaaaay too late!!  Figure out a solution now or you may not get an opinion at all!

4. Your family always has a 'say so.'
You may hate your family, but they're always your family.  It doesn't matter if you haven't spoken to them in 10 years or if you're 'estranged;' they are going to come out of the wood work when you die  to at least act like they love you.  If you hate them that much, see also #5.

5. Write a will.
It really doesn't matter if you are broke and don't have any possessions, you should still make a will.  Don't just write it on a napkin.  Make it legit and register it with the court.  Be sure to include all the details on how envision your final day and where you want to be laid to rest.  If you don't a court may decide it all for you.  Additionally, if you want to leave your personal items to someone who isn't legitimately related to you then you need to put it in writing!

Anna Nicole Smith was buried on Friday in the Bahamas.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.

Hefner to marry his #1 bunny

Playboy editor and founder Hugh Hefner is reportedly ready to tie the knot for a third time. 

The New York Post reported earlier this week that Hefner plans to marry his #1 girlfriend Holly Madison (pictured right of Hefner) who is also his co-star on their hit reality show "Girls Next Door."

Madison moved into the Playboy mansion in 2001 and quickly worked through the ranks to land the #1 spot and the opportunity to share the bed with Hefner. 

Since Holly has taken the top spot; two other girl friends have moved to the mansion, Bridget Marquardt (pictured at the bottom of this photo) and Kendra Wilkinson (pictured left of Hefner). 

The Post also reported that Kendra and Holly hate each other, which is sometimes evident on the show.  Bridget is obviously one of Holly's closest friends, and according to The Post that is what keeps her in the mansion and on the show.

Holly has made it clear that she wants children, so the wedding could just be the first step to a new family for Hef and Holly.

Rumor has it that the two plan to marry by the end of the year and include the ceremony as a part of their show.  No word on whether marriage will lean to monogomy for the 80-year-old playboy. 

H&M loves Kylie and so do we!

Madonna isn't the only pop diva putting her face on the H&M brand.  This summer, international pop superstar Kylie Minogue is also teaming up with the Swedish clothing company Hennes and Mauritz to introduce a swimwear line called, "H&M loves Kylie."

The 15-style line will be available at H&M retailers worldwide.

This campaign hasn't been without its share of controversy when the photos were stolen and offered for sale to a London tabloid.

Syndney breaks records with gay Mardi Gras parade

Only contributing to my theory that 2007 is the year of the gay, homos in Syndney flocked to the streets this weekend for their gay Mardi Gras celebration. 

According to Reuters, this year's parade was the biggest on record with around 8,000 participants marching down Oxford Street.  Similar to New York City's lavish gay pride festivities in June, the march calls for greater equality and celebrating the gay and lesbian community in all aspects of society.

Today, the city cleans up all of the glitter and beads as it returns to it's "straight laced" work week on Monday.

The photo here is only one of the hundreds of Kylie Minogue impersonators who participated in the parade.  Minogue is not only an international gay icon, but also an Australian native.

Will Anna Nicole Smith be left alone at her Bahamian grave?

Anna Nicole Smith's closest friends fought Smith's estranged mother Virgie Arthur to get her buried next to her late son, Daniel Wayne Smith, in the Bahamas.  Now, Smith may be left there all alone.

Daniel's father, Billy Smith, says he wants to have his son's body exhumed and moved to Texas.

If this happens, Anna Nicole's plan is shot.  She purchased a plot for herself right next to her son's so they could lay to rest together forever.  After weeks of court battles, she was finally buried there on Friday.

Billy Smith is trying to get a court hearing on this matter next week.  Hearings to determine the custody and paternity of Smith's 5-month-old daugher, Dannielynn, will also continue later this month.  Arthur, Smith's most recent companion Howard K. Stern and her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead have all filed suit for custody.

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Is this Jesus?

Tonight we will all get to see what the hype is about.  The Discovery Channel will debut their documentary, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.”

Executive producer James Cameron who is best known for "Titanic" has ruffled the feathers of Christians world-wide in true “Da Vinci Code” style with this documentary in which he claims to have found the remains of Jesus Christ. 

The New York Times called his arguments "plausible but not persuasive" claiming they rely more on "what if" than "here’s how."  Meanwhile, regilious leaders across the globe say that the film producers findings are full of holes failing to prove that Jesus didn't rise from the dead and walk again after burial.

If Cameron is correct, this would add a whole new layer of skepticsm to the Bible and would challenge what many consider to the be the true word of the God.  Cameron's partners on the project say they aren't trying to prove that the Bible is not wrong, just a bit misunderstood. 

“The Lost Tomb of Jesus” airs at 9pm EST on the Discovery Channel, check your local listings. 

Anna Nicole Smith's grave is #1 tourist attraction

Even though Anna Nicole Smith has finally been laid to rest, she is still making headlines.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Smith's grave site has surged to the top of the tourism checklist bumping a fancy resort out of the #1 spot for the the first time in years.

The Daily News quoted one lady as saying that Anna Nicole Smith was her only reason for visiting teh Bahamas.

"We got off the cruise ship, got into a taxi and said, 'Take us to Anna's grave,'" Vicki Gwaltney, 51, from Florida (who saw Smith's final resting spot with her friend and 92-year-old mom) told the Daily News.  "For me, this trip was all about Anna. I booked it two weeks ago just because this was going on. Anna Nicole's what brought me here."

Tourism leaders seem to be soaking it up.  Just add them to the list of those who are making money off of the death of the world's most popular Playboy model joining the likes of her estranged mother Virgie Arthur, "boyfriend" Howard K. Stern, ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, a handful of cab drivers, and Entertainment Tonight.  The list goes on and on.

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Fans pay $3500 to spend 30 seconds with Michael Jackson

He may not be the big star he once was in the US, but it looks like Michael Jackson still has some big time admirers in Tokoyo! 

The former prince of pop, landed in Japan on Sunday to hold an exclusive party where fans paid over $3,500 to hang with Jackson for about 30 seconds.

Decked out in all black with his typical dark sunglasses perched on his feeble face, my sources say Jackson was met at Narita airport by a sea of fans, but the big show comes on Thursday when fans who paid the hefty bucks will get 30 seconds to a minute of "exclusive" time with MJ.

While in Tokoyo this week, Jackson will also hold other events where fans will pay big bucks to hang out with the larger-than-life icon.  There is no word on whether or not Jackson will perform at any of the planned functions.

Elizabeth Hurley's story-book weddings

Actress Elizabeth Hurley traded vows with Indian textile heir and software entrepreneur Arun Nayar this weekend in twin ceremonies at an English castle.  Talk about a fairy-tale wedding.

After news leaked about their star studded affair planned for Saturday, the couple jumped the gun and made it all official one day early in a top secret ceremony at Sudley Castle on Friday.  Then on Saturday, the couple went all out for their religious service with a long list of guests including Elton John, Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Eva Herzigova, Donatella Versace and Liz Hurley's ex, Hugh Grant.   

The ceremony was followed with a lavish party, and the new couple plans to fly to India next week for several more days of celebrating in Mumbai and Rajasthan.

March 03, 2007

Sienna Miller loves drugs

Sienna Miller recently did an interview with The Guardian and basically revealed that she loves drugs!  When asked what she did to prepare for her role in Factory Girl she says she took drugs.

"I took a morphine pill, just to feel what a safe way of taking heroin was like. I didn't really feel a lot. I'm incredibly hardcore. Hahaha!"

As if that wasn't enough she goes on to list how "hardcore" she actually is:

"I mean, I still love a waterfall or the odd hallucinogenic drug. I liked mushrooms, which were legal until a year or so ago. If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms. And I do like going away to India ... But I'm very motivated at the moment."

Does this woman have a publicist?  Does anyone remember when she called Pittsburg, Shittsburg?  She knocked on a few more US cities in this same interview:

"Massivetwoshits is Massachusetts. Connecticunt, or Connectibutt. We came up with loads," she says. "But I don't deliberately hurt anybody. And, actually, I like Pittsburgh, I do."

I wonder what the bitch has to say about New York?  We may have to beat her ass down!

Nicole Richie hospitalized


Reality star Nicole Richie was hospitalized on Friday for dehydration while taping the newest season of her show, the Simple Life.


After being examined on set by a staff doctor, Richie was rushed to a local hospital where she received intravenous fluids for 15 minutes before being released.

What's next exhaustion?  Get well Nicole!  I'm sure they're expecting you at some hot parties tonight lol!  A socialite's work is NEVER done!!!!!

Daniel Radcliffe signs on for final two 'Harry Potter' films

It looks like bearing all in "Equus" didn't affect Daniel Radcliffe's clout as little Harry Potter at all!  His reps say he has signed on for the final two films in the series.

Radcliffe has won rave reviews for his performance in the controversial play "Equus," and I am even hearing that several Broadway producers are bidding to bring the project to New York.

Many people wondered if his nude scenes and promo pics to advertise it may have cost Radcliffe his job as the boy wizard, but it looks like that isn't going to be the case.

Many speculate that Harry Potter my die in the final installment.  Radcliffe has been quoted saying he is looking forward to it.

gaysocialites.blog named as top ten Anna Nicole Smith Source

There's no better time for a little a Shameless Self Promotion than the weekend, right?  So, let us toot our horn a little!

The popular website, toptensources.blog, has named us as one of the top 10 sources for our coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith death and controversy!

We have worked very hard to stay on top of what's happening while offering informative yet sometimes overly opinioned coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy.

We are honored to be recognized!

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New Manhattan gay nightclub offers sneak peak

It's very rare that you get to see a new nightclub as it is constructed, but the new owners of the building at 579 Sixth Avenue in New York City are offering the opportunity to see the space as it is being remodeled.

The club formerly known as Heaven is undergoing an 8-week renovation process that will shock even the most skeptical patron.

The new owners and management started by changing the name of the club to Rush, and they will continue by rebuilding the entire facility right before your eyes. 

On Saturday night, Manhattan's only '18 and over' club will open its doors to Chelsea's finest so they can get a sneak peak at what is happening, and you're invited!

Why would a club try so hard to prove that their renovations are happening?  Previous owners of the space have advertised 'remodeling' that simply turned into a few coats of paint and some disco ball stickers on some 10-year old mirrors. 

Promoter Alan Picus tells me that the new changes will blow your mind!  Rush will open its doors tonight at 10pm with $1 drinks until midnight.  Later in the night, the World's First Gay Socialite Ronnie Hokanson (that's me) will roll in with Kitty Litter and Skyla Versai to host our own version of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" Steve Sidewalk will spin his infamous pop party to break-in the new facility.

I'm told the first floor is completely remodeled, and you'll be shocked the second you walk in the door.  Come check it out, just tell the door person that you're on 'Ronnie Hokanson' list for reduced admission prices all night long.

Rush is located at 579 Sixth Avenue at 16th Street in New York City.

March 02, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith buried beside son and with late husband

Anna Nicole Smith was finally laid to rest today in the Bahamas. 

Her casket covered by a pink flowing cloth was rolled down a red carpet while most recent boyfriend Howard K. Stern sat near ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead with estranged mother Virgie Arthur across the isle.  E! News is reporting that Larry and Howard sat near each other and spoke many times throughout the service.  They also report that neither were seen talking to Virgie.  Smith's 5-month-old daugher, Dannielynn, did not attend.

Country singer Joe Nichols performed two songs while Howard, Larry and Virgie all said a few words.  Virgie said she was proud of Anna Nicole for making something of herself, Larry spoke highly of his time with the buxom blonde, and Howard said she died of a broken heart.

Smith was buried right next to her son, Daniel, at a plot she purchased for herself when he died.  They also placed the ashes of her late husband, J. Howard Marshall, in the casket with her.


Happy Weekend Everyone!

I am overly pleased to announce that this week was the best week EVER in GaySocialites history! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

My virtual door is always open, so please email me directly with gossip tips, suggestions or questions.  My direct email is .

Now lets look back at the last week of Feburary.

After her remains laid in a Broward County coroners freezer for three weeks, Anna Nicole Smith was finally laid to rest Friday with a lavish funeral in the Bahamas.

Smith's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, tried all she could to get the Playboy model's body back to her home state of Texas giving up only after two judges ruled to allow a court appointed custodian for her 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn.

Smith was laid to rest next to her late son, Daniel.  She was 39 years old.

Rest in peace, Anna Nicole Smith.

Back in California, another mischevious superstar was able to keep herself in rehab.  It may not sound like too much of a feat, but I guess the third time was a charm for Britney Spears.  After going crazy by shaving her head and getting some new ink done, the "Toxic" singer checked herself in and out of rehab twice before renting out a whole wing at the California's Promises Rehabilitation Center.

Meanwhile, her two infant sons are staying with the father, Kevin Federline.

Speaking of dead-beat dads, Whitney Houston's estranged husband found himself behind bars again this week.  Bobby Brown was picked up for not paying child support while attending his daughter's cheerleading competition.  Later this week, he was bailed out by a Washington, DC radio station in exchange for a week of work at the station.
Now, Brown says he is not going to work for the station; because he never agreed to work there.  Too bad they can't send him back to jail huh?
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Cheers' mailman joins Dancing with the Stars cast

Dancing with the Stars has found their final contestant.  TV mailman from the hit show CheersCliff Clavin, will hang up his mail bag for some dancing shoes as actor John Ratzenberger replaces Vincent Pastore who dropped out of the hit ABC show earlier this week.

Ratzenberger will only three weeks to rehearse before the show's March 19 premiere, but sources say he has been known to cut-a-rug in the past.

Ratzenberger, 59, will be paired with professional dancer, Edyta Sliwinska.

He had been invited to join the show earlier this year, but couldn't commit due to a scheduling conflict.  Those conflicts have been cleared up just in time.  I guess everything happen$ for a rea$on.

Ann Coulter calls presidential candidate John Edwards a faggot

Ann Coulter... what is there that a gay person can say nice about this bitch?  Nothing.

If you don't know Coulter, she is the right wing puppet who says everything that that people like Dick Cheney, George Bush, Mitt Romney and John McCain wish they could say.

Today, while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the bitch called John Edwards (the presidential candidate, not the medium) at "faggot."

“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I — so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards.”

You used the word 'faggot,' bitch.  Our publisher hates her, so there is change I will be reprimanded for being so harsh. 

This isn't the first time Coulter has showed her biggotry in public.  She has previously put "even money" on a bet that future president, Hillary Clinton, will come out of the closet, said former president, Bill Clinton, shows "some level of latent homsexuality," and called former VP Al Gore a "total fag." 

Who does this bitch think she is?  Is she gay?  Hardly!  Therefore the whore shouldn't be dropping the "faggot" bomb. 

That's why we are inducting Ann Coutler into the gaysocialites.blog Stupid Bitches Club today.

Angelina Jolie found another kid!

It looks like the Jolie-Pitts are adding another youngster to the clan! 

A top Vietnamese official said on Friday that Angelina Jolie has filed papers through a U.S. adoption agency to adopt a child from their country.

"She just filed the papers this week," Vu Duc Long, the director of Vietnam's International Adoption Agency, told the Associated Press.

There was no official confirmation from the Jolie-Pitt camp.  Angelina evidently listed herself as a single parent in her paperwork.  That will likely be updated later to reflect Brad Pitt's position as adjunt daddy. 

Congrats to Jolie-Pitts!

Howard K. Stern negotiating with Larry Birkhead for custody of Anna Nicole's baby and TV interviews

FoxNews.blog is reporting that Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead spent the night negotiating TV deals and a way for Stern to remain in the baby's life after he hands her over to Birkhead.

Anna Nicole Smith's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, is expected to inherit millions of dollars from Smith's ex-husband's estate.  Now, according to FoxNews.blog, Howard K. Stern is making sure he gets his share.  The news channel is reporting on their website that Stern is talking with Birkhead about giving him custody of the child in exchange for Stern being allowed to control her finances. 

Stern is also trying to get Birkhead to sign an exclusive deal with two TV programs, "Entertainment Tonight" and "the Insider," so that Stern isn't the only one talking with them and doesn't come under fire for being paid for his time.

And I am getting beaten to death for saying Stern is in this for money?!  C'mon people.  It's starting to become black and white.

Anna Nicole Smith's body is in the Bahamas, funeral underway

After three weeks of sitting in a Broward County coroner's office, the body of former Playboy playmate, Anna Nicole Smith, was escorted by police to the Miami International Airport and flown by private plane to the Bahamas.

Friends and family have gathered to lay the buxom blonde to rest next to her son, Daniel, who died last year.

The ceremony is said to have a guestlist of about 300 people, and country music star Joe Nichols will perform at the funeral and at graveside.  Smith and Nichols were friends before she died on Feburary 8.

Now that Smith will be laid to rest, it will be up to a judge to decide who will get permanent custody of her 5-month-old heiress, Dannielynn.

Smith's companion Howard K. Stern, estranged mother Virgie Arthur and ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead all want custody of Dannielynn, who could inherit millions of dollars.

Boy George writes song for Kylie Minogue

One minute he's the Culture Club lead man, several decades later he is picking up trash after being charged with drug possession.  Today, Boy George is writing songs for the pop princess herself, Kylie Minogue.

George is in Minogue's homeland of Australia for the gay Mardi Gras celebration.  While there he has written two songs for the international pop goddess.  One is about her relationship with Oliveri Martinez and the other is about survival.

Minogue left Martinez last month, but both swear they are still friends.  George says the song was written before the split.

"I don't know that she will do the one about her and Olivier because I wrote it before they split - about all the stuff written about them in the papers," he said.  "There is another one about survival, about what she has gone through, and she has vocaled (sic) that."

Minogue, of course, won her battle against cancer and returned to the stage late last year.

Anna Nicole Smith trials play into Bahamas political elections

Who knew that the late model Anna Nicole Smith would play a role in politics?  While alive she may have even said "over my dead body."  Well, that's exactly how it's happening.

The small island nation is in the midst of a political election right now, and Anna Nicole Smith's controversial death may be an issue on voter's minds.

According to the Washington Post, opposition to the government has charged that the current administration's handling of Smith's case shows its incompetence.

"The Anna Nicole debacle and all the publicity regarding that ... has energized the base of the (Free National Movement) and hurt the PLP. They are losing ground and something needs to happen to swing the momentum back," an attorney close to the opposition told the paper.

Immigration Minister Shane Gibson resigned from his post on February 18 when a newspaper published pictures of him embracing the buxom blonde on a bed.  Shortly after accusations surfaced saying he handed Smith residency without requiring that she follow proper procedures.

Smith is scheduled to buried on Friday afternoon in the Bahamas.  Thursday marked three weeks since her death, without a proper funeral.  Her resting place itself is expected to become a tourist attraction in the Bahamas.

Howard K Stern to read Anna Nicole Smith's letter to her late son at funeral

Howard K. Stern will evidently be reading a letter that Anna Nicole Smith wrote for her son, Daniel's, funeral last year.

gaysocialites.blog has obtained the contents of the letter, and it's definitely touching...

"My dearest son Daniel, you were my rock; you were the only one who could keep me solid. Why God took you away from me I do not now understand. Perhaps some day I will. I wish he would have taken me instead. Now you're gone and I don't know how Mommy's gonna make it without you. I will come home to you. Your mother, always and forever."

Smith will be buried on Friday in the Bahamas.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.

Country superstar to perform at Anna Nicole Smith's funeral

Country star Joe Nichols is scheduled to perform at Anna Nicole Smith's funeral on Friday in the Bahamas.  Nicols will perform his song "I'll Wait for You" and one of Smith's favorite songs, "Wings of a Dove" at her graveside after being invited by the Smith's most recent companion, Howard K. Stern.

Smith and Nichols have been friends for years after meeting at the Grande Ole' Opry in Tennessee. 

"I hope to bring some comfort through music to the people who were closest to her during this sad time," Nicols said.

More than 300 people are invited to attend the funeral service which will also feature a video montage created from Anna Nicole's home videos set to Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven."

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.

March 01, 2007

Radio station bails out Bobby Brown

Washington DC's Hot 99.5 FM says they bailed former R&B singer, Bobby Brown, out of jail for more than $19,000.

As we first told you here at gaysocialites.blog that Brown was arrested and jailed in Massachusetts for unpaid child support totalling the same amount.

According to a DJ at the station who goes by Kane, they station paid Whitney Houston's ex-husband's bills in exchange for one week of work at the station.

"In exchange for the money, he agreed to be an employee of our radio station for one week," Kane said. "We are going to have a very open and candid conversation (about his situation and how he will turn his life around)."

The "My Perogative" singer owned his baby's momma, Kim Ward, the money.  Brown was coincidentally attending his daughter's cheerleading competition when he was arrested.

Gay Stereotypes~Laura Sacks

           So we all know the stereotypes. People feel that all gay men are feminine and all gay women are masculine. For gay people around the world we know that is not always true. We come in all shapes and sizes, as well as personalities. 

            What gives us this image? Is it the movies or television? Magazines and or books? When I first came out, I would go to clubs and ask girls out and they would doubt I was gay. They said I was to feminine looking. And I thought, even in the gay world people doubt my sexuality. My male friends all doubted it as well. Gay women are represented as two femmes in all the big hollywood movies. Gay men are represented as feminine in the movies and television.

            For a second, lets throw out those stereotypes. In your own world, whatever that may be (gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, not sure, curious) what is gay to you? When I think of a gay man, I think there can be a billion types. A masculine man , or a feminine man perhaps. And with lesbians, the same. But what about the types that aren't listed?

        A  masculine man and woman are tough. A feminine man and woman are considered weak. What if this is the total opposite?  What if what we are told is wrong and stereotypical? For instance, I am very femme as they say, but inside I am very tough. So I would rather call myself a hard femme. As opposed to, soft butch, or butch or just femme. A hard femme to me is a lesbian who looks and acts as a woman but is tough like a man. The key here, think and act as yourself. Never let society push you a certain way, or make you feel like you should go a certain way. Always think outside the box, never let anyone tape it down leaving you no air to breathe and fend for yourself.

Bobby Brown is out of jail

After three days behind bars, singer Bobby Brown is a free man!  Whitney Houston's estranged hubby scrounged up $19,000 in late child support payments, as well as unpaid court fees on Wednesday.

Brown was arrested on Sunday at Attleboro High School as he was watching his daughter's cheerleading competition.

Paris Hilton may be headed to jail!

Paris Hilton always complains that she can't get away from the paparazzi.  Well, it looks like a judge might take care of that for her by sending her to jail.

You heard it here first on gaysocialites.blog that the the heiress socialite had another run-in with the law, this time for driving on a suspended license.

In September, Hilton was pulled over for drunk driving.  As a result, she had her license suspended and was put on probation. 

Little did she know, she may end up in jail for 90 days!  What happens to a reality star socialite in an all women's jail?  Use your imagination.  Now, that's hot!

Friends, Family and Media head to Bahamas for Anna Nicole Smith's funeral and more court

After much debate, Anna Nicole Smith will finally be laid to rest in the Bahamas next to her 20-year-old son, Daniel, who died late last year.

Reports say the funeral is expected to be over-the-top in true Anna Nicole form.

The memorial service will have a tight guest list with about 300 attendees at an undisclosed church, featuring large amounts of pink flowers, her favorite color, and a well known performer who hasn't been announced yet.  She is also expected to be buried in an elegant fluffy dress, true Anna Nicole style.

After the funeral is over, the court battles will continue according to an attorney representing Smith's ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, who is fighting for custody of 5-month-old, Dannielynn.

"We now move on to the Bahamas and continue the hearing for March 16 where we fully anticipate there will be a DNA order," Larry Birkhead's attorney, Debra Opri said.

Smith died in Florida on February 8.  She leaves behind one daughter as we have mentioned, Dannielynn, who is expected to receive all of Smith's inheritance including the millions coming her way from her late husband, J. Howard Marshall's, estate.

How did Anna Nicole Smith die?

It has been exactly three weeks since former model and reality star Anna Nicole Smith died in Florida.  Her body hasn't been buried yet, but the attorney in charge of it all says the service will take place tomorrow.

The question on all of our minds is:  what killed Anna Nicole?  Her estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, seems confident that it was drugs; and after Smith's death all signs have pointed to towards an overdose.

Now, reports are surfacing that Smith may have died from pnemonia.  The coroner's early findings said there were no pills in the late Playmate's body, but he also said he was waiting for the toxicology reports to rule out drug use.  How long should these reports take anyway?  You would think that they could rush them or something!

Meanwhile friends and family have already started to arrive in the Bahamas for Friday morning's funeral.  All of the players in the court battle including her companion Howard K. Stern, ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, Virgie Arthur and 5-month-old Dannielynn are all expected to attend.

Quote of the day: From Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss

While speaking out about her own past drug problems; Supermodel Naomi Campbell warned her fellow Supermodel Kate Moss about doing drugs.

"She is hurting herself and when it's exposed she doesn't have the space or time to help herself because everyone is looking at her. It's hard," Campbell said.

You know you have a problem when Naomi Campbell is pointing out your flaws!

Naomi Campbell admits drug use

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is finally admitting that she was hooked on cocaine.  Seriously, like we didn't already suspect that.  We all know that throwing cell phones at people is sign #1 that someone is 'jonesing' for line of nose candy.

The 36-year-old model said she was first offered coke when she was 24, but now attends daily Narcotics Anonymous meetings no matter where she is traveling in the world at that time.

When asked about doing drugs she said,"It made me feel invincible. Like I could conquer the world. I was just completely over-confident, but it's all a misconception because when you wake up the next day it's all gone and you feel awful."

Just hold on to your cell phone sweetie and don't swing at any staffers.  You'll get through it nicely.

Manhattan gay party spoofs Britney Spears breakdown

If you're in New York City, you've gotta check out this Britney Spears "Rehab" party at Splash on Thursday for the Campus party. 

The Britney Spears "Rehab" party might be a big gay bash, but it is also a great place to drag the fag hag.  The interesting twist is that if you have a shaved head or if you show up dressed in Britney Spears fanwear, then you get in free and you get a free drink from the bar once you're inside.

This one's 21+ for the time being, but insiders tell me this won't last long.  Meanwhile, some of the younger guys who work with the promoter behind all this, Alan Picus, have set-up shop at the old Heaven location, now known as Rush.  Known as the 'Frat Pack,' these guys offer a close by alternative for the Freshmen while upperclassmen party across the street at Splash.  It's an interesting mix.

At club Rush, you've got DJ Adam (Area, Boysroom, Dirty Boy) while Mikey Rave and Steve Sidewalk headline at club Splash

Can a block boi party really work?  If anyone call pull it off, it's probably Picus.