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March 21, 2007

Al Gore turns Congress green


A movie star caused a stir on Capitol Hill today.  Former Vice President and Academy Award winner Al Gore testified before Congress today urging lawmakers to address a "planetary emergency" by reversing the growth of emissions that are blamed for global warming.

"The consequences of inaction would be devastating to both the environment and the economy," Gore told Congressional leaders.

The man who should have been President didn't act like a man running for office today, and that might be the most appealing part of his potential candidacy.

Democrats were gushing to see their former leader on the floor.  Presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barak Obama seemed a bit distant as many politicans still aren't convinced that Gore's name won't be on the ballot for the nations highest position in 2008.

Al Gore also defended the high energy bill at his Tennessee home saying he and his wife Tipper paid a little bit more for cleaner energy.

Mark one up in the win column for Al Gore.

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