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American Idol should say good-bye to Sanjaya

What was with that little girl crying over Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol on Tuesday night?  It was a bit strange.

Not only is Sanjaya obviously the worst singer on the show, he is so damn feminine that it would be hard to conclude anthing other than that he is gay. 

Was this simply a media booster to keep him from calling it quits?

It is time for him to go!  He may be the nicest person alive, but this is a singing competition.

And how awkward was it when he hugged the crying little girl... eek!


awkward? not at all.

okay, in this ep, he wasn't the WORST one. i think what should stop are you fools trying to fend off sanjaya voters. FUCK OFF.


w00t way to go! lol

Just because it quacks like a duck, acts like a duck and looks like a duck doesn't mean it's a duck...

Just because he seems gay and acts gay, doesn't mean he's gay.

People should never assume things like that.

I personally don't think he's all that great, but you don't need to go and talk all bad about him. He IS a person he DOES have feelings.

These are just my opinions.

HE SUCKS!!! anyone who thinks he was great needs to be dragged and shot dead alive.

HE SUCKS!!! anyone who thinks he was great needs to be dragged and shot dead alive.

Hes gay,end of discussion!!!Tell me,what self respecting str8 guy would act as feminine,as he does,hes worse than the average female with his mannerisms,I hate flamoids,pardon me for being so blunt!

hey, he got voted in to the top 24 by the American Idol judges! I still can't believe that. He seems like a nice kid, but lots of work to do with the voice. Maybe down the road, but not now.

I think sanjaya got the quality of a voice. They need to leave him alone and its just obviously this people talking shit about him are just jealous of his achievent being one of the american idol contestant. Back off or fuck off...I am sure this people who likes to talk about him can't sing and loosers....you guys are just on my nerve.

When a person makes on the top 12 means they have the potential. Sanjaya malakar is one of them. Admit it that he can sing. Its my opinion.

o.k. guys Taylor Hicks won if you haven't realized by now this is not a singing competition sometimes someone who can sing gets through and sometimes someone wins but really we have Brittany spears and Jessica Simpson who neither can really sing.
Sanjayia has the it thing little girls and mature women love him.................enough said no he won't win he will only make it a little bit further but someone could make money off of him some voice lessons. It isn't anymore in this country about real voices it is the it factor and pretty much anyone of us can sing as long as we have all the tech behind us and pure sex appeal that is all it takes pretty lame but that is the way it is so quit dissing this 17 year old kid you all most likely helped push the sad crap of music of Brittany and Jessica along to be stars

i think that there is some cheating going on sanjaya stinks and you know it! no one is jealous of him come on stink is stink, even sanjaya is shocked when he is voted on he knows why don't America? you guys are tone deaf!!!!

Sanjaya can sing, and anyone who says otherwise simply can't. While the boy might not be the most talented singer in the group, he is certainly good enough to be in the top 12.
Secondly, stop arguing over his "gayness". His orientation is none of our business, and if he is gay, let him be gay. There is nothing wrong with that.
Sanjaya did very good tonight, even the judges said so. So bugger off, and appreciate the fact that there are still teenagers as sweet as him in this world.

he sucks. period. tone-deaf and looks like a long-haired rat.

I think he has a sweet soft cute voice. But as far as singing professionally umm...no this just is not the place for him. This a singing compettion. I think maybe he should get a singing lessons just to help him bring his voice out more and get bolder. Trust me I know I sing. He's young and sort of shy. He just needs to work at it some more.

he does not look like a rat!! you're just jealous that he has looks and you don't back off.And Ryan told him to go down you just wish it was you he hugged who's gay now?

he does not look like a rat!! you're just jealous that he has looks and you don't back off.And Ryan told him to go down you just wish it was you he hugged who's gay now?

For the first time this season (since his audition) he was really good. He was hot when he performed tonight - just needs to drop the michael jackson act when he's not performing. Everyone talks about his hair. I think it's his teeth that have kept him in the competition this long. After tonight though I thought he actually deserved to continue.

Who cares if hes freaking gay.

The bottom line is HE CAN'T SING!

Sanjaya should just go away!!! Every week i've waited for him to go and every week hes the bottom 2 and the person who sings better than him gets knocked off IM PISSED! Im sueing Sanjaya for being HORRIBLE and for pissing me off!!

You guys are mean and hurt my feelings. You should be supportive that more gay people are on American Idol. So far me, Ryan Seacrest, Mario Vasquez and Clay Aiken are the brave few

all of the judges did not agree that he did well. simon didn't like it. yah he is homo so all u lil girls need to stop voting for him cause he don't swing that way! he sucks, literally - ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah he sucks, he isn't good enough but if you ask WHY IS HE STILL THERE? Hell, that's easy...........all the little girls like the one in the audience that have a crush on him and have access to a phone.

OMG.......what is with the ppl in America to keep this kid coming back. Yah, he likely has potential, but my dear God give the TV audience a break. This chap needs to set his goals on being something else maybe Michael Jackson's escort, bum buddy or media rep. Heck I dont know but since when does America need someone "gay" to be there Idol - LOL - come on America put this to rest!!! Get rid of the spazzzzz

It wouldnt be an American Idol tour without Sanjaya. His great vocals and stylish hair will steal the show. Maybe they could have like a chicken little and Sanjaya duet during the tour that would be like listening to the angels sing heaven

Gays are such assholes. They said the same shit about Clay and he isn't gay either. He was just young and skinny and shy. Leave Sanjaya the fuck alone.

Noone has right to abuse others. I admit that He is not good singer but it doesnt mean anybody can abuse him. Thnx

ok I've been reading this board about sanjaya. i'm not going to say that he's flat out gay but he definitely appears to be gay. it may just be him, but whatever. But for people who think that the shit talkers are jealous of his achievement GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I'll be the first to admit that I can't sing for shit BUT Sanjaya is TERRIBLE!!!! He needs to go home!!!!

Hey "?" he does look like a rat, and diseased one at that.

he cannot sing. i would NEVER be jealous of his un-talent. OR his looks, i am about 3 feet taller and non-deluded.

And i'm so sorry if you think i'm a mentally handicapped girl, but i'm not. And i would never sob uncontrollably if Ryan asked Sanwhatta to hug me... I would run for the doors and then an airplane out of the country.

sanjaya rocks and he can sing and for those of you who don't think so that is your opinion i don't think that it is right that you can talk trash about someone that you don't know and personally what it sounds like to me is that you all have a jealousy problem but i would like to make it known is that he is not going anywhere. SANJAYA IS NUMBER ONE YOU ROCK SANJAYA KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO.

!!!skcus eH

I have a hunch that every single Indian in the U.S. is voting for sanjaya like probably MORE than ten times! And that's cheating! Just because he is the same race, doesn't mean you have to cheat to make someone famous especially when they can't sing for beans!

Once again, America got it sooooo wrong!!!! I wish that people would really vote based on singing rather than on popularity or sympathy. Having said that, Sanjaya SOOOO DID NOT deserve to stay!!!!!! SERIOUSLY HE/SHE(lolz) HAS TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!

Sanjaya HAS GOT TO GOOO!!!!

maybe if we all chanted "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", "sanjaya must go", he just might go!!!...LOL

American Idol has a big problem. If someone with an absolute dearth of talent like Sanjaya ends up taking the Idol crown, they will lose the show, advertising revenue and billions of dollars. Nobody will watch or take it seriously ever again. What's happening now--legitimate talent like Sabrina Sloan and Stephanie being voted off and the painfully talentless Sanjaya amazingly remaining--shows there is a problem with the voting system. You have to wonder if millions of computers in India are automatically dialing every two seconds. Yes, this looks racial to me.

American Idol can't let this continue--not if they want to survive. The show is down about sixteen percent this year from last. Part of the reason is the absurd voting.

Sanjaya should feel ashamed and embarassed as yet another contestant with 10 times his the talent that he has is now gone.

I am going to boycott the show forever if he stays yet another week.

1) Cannot sing
2) Cannot dance
3) Looks like an idiot
4) Cannot sing

Who cares if he is or isn't gay? How is this relevant? He has no talent. And he doesn't belong on that stage. Period.

Rock on sanjaya, you rock, i dont care a f**k what da hell u guys think, he is good and admit it he was really good this week and if u dont it just mean u are a bunch of idiots.

you're an idiot if you like this kid. he's awful. get a your eyes and ears checked.

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