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March 2, 2007

Angelina Jolie found another kid!

It looks like the Jolie-Pitts are adding another youngster to the clan! 

A top Vietnamese official said on Friday that Angelina Jolie has filed papers through a U.S. adoption agency to adopt a child from their country.

"She just filed the papers this week," Vu Duc Long, the director of Vietnam's International Adoption Agency, told the Associated Press.

There was no official confirmation from the Jolie-Pitt camp.  Angelina evidently listed herself as a single parent in her paperwork.  That will likely be updated later to reflect Brad Pitt's position as adjunt daddy. 

Congrats to Jolie-Pitts!

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they should keep reproducing. i bet she isn't putting it out.

maybe she should plan to open a Child Care Centre....

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