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Ann Coulter's Column Dropped

At least three newspapers have dropped conservative Ann Coulter's column as a result of Coulter's use of the word 'faggot' to describe presidential hopeful John Edwards, Editor & Publisher reported Wednesday.

The decisions by the Oakland Press of Michigan, The Mountain Press of Sevierville, Tennessee and the Lancaster New Era (Pennsylvania) are the first indication that Coulter's remarks are not going over well, in either conservative and liberal circles.

Maybe 2007 is the year of the gay!


Those three newspapers probably have about twelve listeners. They are also hypocrites. They can print anything they want hiding behind the first amendment, but as regular citizens we don't have that right. People don't like the word fag, but what I don't like is that they use the word to describe themselves as gay. Gay used to be a happy word and now it describes a sick group of people. I'm sure that anybody who reads this will say oh the writer is a homophobe. I'm not I just think the homo lifestyle is wrong and disgusting. If i subscribed to the newspapers that dropped Miss Coulter I would cancel my subscription. Homos quit crying you are what you are. Listen to the whole speech by Miss coulter and then you will see how the statement was meant to be.

^^^ Tried being called a derogatory remark like faggot all your life... Then tell us to stop crying.

Stupid homophobe.

Gator, why would you click onto a website with the url gaysocialites.blog?? Hello, do you have a brain? Or did you log on to solely degrade the homosexual lifestyle on a HOMOSEXUAL gossip site.

Kindly go back to Homophobe Magazine Online and leave us alone.

You can say you're not a homophobe, doesn't mean you're not one.

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