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Anna Nicole Smith trials play into Bahamas political elections

Who knew that the late model Anna Nicole Smith would play a role in politics?  While alive she may have even said "over my dead body."  Well, that's exactly how it's happening.

The small island nation is in the midst of a political election right now, and Anna Nicole Smith's controversial death may be an issue on voter's minds.

According to the Washington Post, opposition to the government has charged that the current administration's handling of Smith's case shows its incompetence.

"The Anna Nicole debacle and all the publicity regarding that ... has energized the base of the (Free National Movement) and hurt the PLP. They are losing ground and something needs to happen to swing the momentum back," an attorney close to the opposition told the paper.

Immigration Minister Shane Gibson resigned from his post on February 18 when a newspaper published pictures of him embracing the buxom blonde on a bed.  Shortly after accusations surfaced saying he handed Smith residency without requiring that she follow proper procedures.

Smith is scheduled to buried on Friday afternoon in the Bahamas.  Thursday marked three weeks since her death, without a proper funeral.  Her resting place itself is expected to become a tourist attraction in the Bahamas.

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