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Anna Nicole Smith's grave is #1 tourist attraction

Even though Anna Nicole Smith has finally been laid to rest, she is still making headlines.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Smith's grave site has surged to the top of the tourism checklist bumping a fancy resort out of the #1 spot for the the first time in years.

The Daily News quoted one lady as saying that Anna Nicole Smith was her only reason for visiting teh Bahamas.

"We got off the cruise ship, got into a taxi and said, 'Take us to Anna's grave,'" Vicki Gwaltney, 51, from Florida (who saw Smith's final resting spot with her friend and 92-year-old mom) told the Daily News.  "For me, this trip was all about Anna. I booked it two weeks ago just because this was going on. Anna Nicole's what brought me here."

Tourism leaders seem to be soaking it up.  Just add them to the list of those who are making money off of the death of the world's most popular Playboy model joining the likes of her estranged mother Virgie Arthur, "boyfriend" Howard K. Stern, ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, a handful of cab drivers, and Entertainment Tonight.  The list goes on and on.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.



Howard...are you proud of the video you did of clown face Anna??? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are pathetic and so is she...pregnant and stoned. That poor innocent baby..I hope the real father gives her a better life than what you could ever give her. You are an enabler..if you really cared about Anna, you would have tried to get her off drugs. Her being drugged up all the time gave you power over her..you control freak.

You probably missed your son Daniel so much. I too, would not know what to do if I were to lose someone so dear to me. Seeing you cry on T.V. over Daniel breaks my heart, but now may you rest in peace with Daniel.

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