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March 07, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith's sex tape scandal

Sex tapes seem to be the thing to do if you can't live without more publicity, but what happens if your sex tape leaks after you're dead?

Anna Nicole Smith's former lover Mark Hatten who is currently in prison for terrorizing the former Playboy model says he and Smith recorded a sex tape that he is worried may leak to the media. 

Evidently Hatten wrote to Anna Nicole's estranged mother Virgie Arthur and pleaded that she try to get her hands on the video before it leaks.  Hatten is worried that the video is one of the items that may have been stolen from Smith's Bahamian mansion in the days following her death.

In the letters acquired by TMZ.blog, Hatten writes, "it must be destroyed."  He also adds that Anna was "against (hardcore) pornography."

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Sounds to me like he is TRYING to stir up some publicity. I wonder, too, just how TMZ came into possession of such a letter from him to Anna's mother. SOunds mightly fishy.

Check out the latest interview with Howard K. Stern at

This guy is a NUT . one line "" he made a sex tape with her "" next line says she was against porn .

I tell you this is a sick world . Poor Anna , some one needs to buy her mama some dentures and tell her to go back to the trailer park life in Texas, If she had been decent she never would have gotten involed in this , I mean Annna did let the world know what a EVIL MOMMMY DEAREST she was ,

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