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March 20, 2007

Britney Spears is leaving rehab early for a party!

Sources tell gaysocialites.blog that Britney Spears will in fact be checking out rehab this week to attend her estranged husband Kevin Federline's birthday party.

"She has made it very clear that she intends on leaving the rehab so she can spend time with Kevin at his birthday party. She thinks that if she attends, it will show Kevin and the world that she still cares for him and will help her chances on getting her children back,"  a source quoted by Associated Content said.

Our souce tells us that those close to Britney are preparing for her trip home. 

"Britney's friends and family are getting things ready for her arrival at home.  That means no drinking, no heavy partying and lost of family time," according to our source.

This early departure to attend K-Fed's birthday party doesn't mean Britney and Kevin are getting back together.  According to reports, Britney's plus one at the bash will be her new boyfriend, rocker Jason Filyaw.

"I talked to Kevin about Britney and he said he's not getting back together with Britney. At least not right now. He just wants to be a friend for her," according to one of Kevin's friends who spoke to US Weekly.

Just because she is checking out early, doesn't mean she hasn't healed. TMZ reports that the"Toxic" singer has also made one of the most amazing turnarounds in celebrity memory.

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