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Captain America is dead, for now at least

Comic book fans from all over the globe were shocked to open up the new edition of Captain America on Wednesday to discover the all-American hero is dead.

When fans yesterday opened the infamous comic book, they discovered a shocking development: Captain America had been cut down by a sniper.

His sudden death prompted traffic jams at comic-book stores as fans rushed in to grab a potential collector's item.  The word of his death also upset loyal fans who have been following the character for their entires lives.

He first appeared in March 1941, punching out Adolf Hitler on the cover of a brand-new comic book. Ever since then, dressed in a red, white , and blue uniform and armed only with a shield, he has fought for liberty and justice for all.

However, executives at Marvel acknowledged death is not always the final answer in the superhero universe.

"This is the end of Steve Rogers, the meat and potatoes guy from 1941," Dan Buckley, president and publisher of publishing, Marvel Entertainment, told Reuters. "But Captain America is a costume, and there are other people who could take it over. He is iconic, and we're continuing the comic books," he added. But he declined to speculate who could step into the hero's 66-year-old boots."

Look what the soap opera world has done for characters across the board.

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